Sew Ready to Play Clue with Simple Simon and Co.

Today’s guests are the ladies from Simple Simon & Company, LiZ and Elizabeth. Thier blog is full of great tutorials, great photography and hilarious commentary! I’ve attempted one of their very easy projects, The Audrey Cape and the Girls Birdcage hat. Both turned out adorable! I just got a pile of fabric the other day and in it was this fur. I sooo want to make myself a cape with a furry Peter Pan collar!

Without further ado, please welcome Simple Simon & Co!

One of my favorite games growing up was the game CLUE.  It was just so thrilling to move around the game board, going into mansion rooms and then taking those tiny weapons (those were so cool) to make “who dunnit” predictions until one person got to open that mystery envelope in the middle of the board.  Ahhhh, those were the days…..

And then when the movie came out?  Even more love for the game.  I remember the first time I watched it was at a slumber party—and there were a bunch of tween girls all sitting around screaming every time the lights would go off during a scene.  (Man, am I dating myself right now.)

But, back to the point.  I LOVE the game clue.  So, taking inspiration from my favorite character (I loved Colonel Mustard–weird, but true) I give you…..

 I decided to make an outfit based on Miss Mustard….but a bit more tame (no weapons)….

I made a simple front button shirt dress with a piped peter pan collar, a piped belt and some vintage buttons that I recently scored.  I love piping, it is such a simple but fun detail to add to any project and makes it look like you spent a lot more time than you did.

I have a previous collar tutorial HERE if you want to learn to add piping to your next project.  Trust me, once you start with piping—-you will be piping EVERY. THING.  (Sorry about that….)

I loved making this little dress.  It was such a fun project to think about the CLUE characters….and you just might be seeing more inspiration from the character cards soon.  Wouldn’t a Miss Scarlett outfit be so fun?

But now I need to know…..who was your favorite clue character?

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