Sew Ready to Play Food Plushie Pizza Parlor with Cirque Du Bebe

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! And we’re back for more playing!! First up this week is Sophie from Cirque Du Bebe! Again, I don’t remember how I found her and her amazing blog, but I do remember the first thing I saw that she did. IT was this amazing tshirt with a stuffie phone, the Stuff and Stay shirt. Ya know, I never pinned it, I didn’t bookmark it or any of that. But I have never forgotten it and always remember where to find it! I should pin it though so other people will love it as much as I do! Anyway, Sophie is extremely talented and creative and I’m very excited ot have her here today!
So Welcome Sophie!

 Hello and thanks for having me!

Sometimes it seems the very best games don’t come from a box but from the weird and wonderful world of our kids’ imaginations. I love watching my boys come up with elaborate games using the simplest of props. They can transform a cardboard box into anything from a cubby house to a stair bobsled (the soft carpeted and buffered with cushions kind of stair). And when it comes to less-is-more props for any age then felt food is where it’s at. You certainly won’t find this game sandwiched between Monopoly and Connect Four at the toy shop. It doesn’t come with an instruction booklet, just endless possibilities for dramatic play. And goes by the name of Felt Food Plushie Pizza Parlor!

A typical stint at the parlor goes like this:  Start with the pizza base…

 Add toppings to taste. I’ve tried ordering to specific dietary requirements: Hold the cheese, easy on the onion, that sort of thing. But we tend to end up with ‘The LOT’ a lot: Lashings of pepperoni, mozzarella, red onions, capsicum, mushrooms, olives and basil. Still, it’s nice to have a night off.

 Now it’s time to slice it up using the pizza cutter with the real revolving blade. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?!

 It’s a tactile wonderland. And it’s not surprising that the senses get confused. It’s all pretty life-like. Especially the crust.

 Can’t taste the flavor the first time? Maybe there wasn’t enough in there…

Well, I wish I could say that I was that genius lying awake at night going ‘ I KNOW, we’ll make the blade ACTUALLY ROTATE!’ but alas it was this Etsy seller and her amazing felt food pdf patterns. I must warn you, felt food is very very addictive. For the cost of a few callouses you can produce a beautiful hand-crafted toy to rival anything store bought. There’s also something very meditative about hand sewing together five hundred olive rings. It’s the slow food equivalent for sewing. And if pizza’s not your thing, just search for Felt Food PDF in the Etsy supplies section and you’ll find dimsims, muffins, shrimp and everything in between. To make this set I bought a kit which includes beautiful wool blend felt, easy to follow instructions and the pattern pieces. The hardest part is letting go and giving over your precious hand-work to the beasts. Just know It’s gonna be loved hard. And probably chewed.



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