Kids Clothes Week Challenge and a Comfy Pants Tutorial!

It’s here again!!! Kids Clothes Week Challenge! Yea! I love a good challenge! The idea is to sew on your kids clothes for at least an hour each day this week. But if you’ve followed along before, I like to get a whole project done each day…

Today’s project. Comfy Pants!

We need some new ‘comfy pants’ as they are called around here. As you can see, my son seems to be growing up, but not around. He 4, but these 2T pants still fit in the waist. Just not in the length! Poor kid looks like he’s getting ready for a flood!

According to my son’s measurements, we now have pants that fit! yes, he found the tape measure and started measuring everything during our little photoshoot!

Needless to say, a pair of comfy pants was my first project this week! And they are soooo easy! I’ll do a little tutorial so you can see how I did them. Seriously, an hour.

The materials don’t get a picture this time. It’s a really long list… Just kidding! Fleece, elastic and thread. That’s it!

Step 1: I made my own pattern. Just layout a pair of pants that fit the kiddo. I added length, of course… And don’t forget to add length at the top for the hem and elastic pocket, an extra inch and a half. And you’ll notice that my pattern is bigger than the actual pants. That’s because you also don’t want to forget the seam allowance.

Step 2: Cut the fabric. The straight edge of the pattern needs to be cut on the fold of the fabric. You’re only cutting 2 pieces.

Step 3: Flatten out the two pattern pieces and lay them out, right sides together. Sew the crotch (follow the arrows!).

Step 4: Hem the waist. Since its fleece and not really a very iron-able fabric, I sewed a little hem. About a half-inch. You could just pin this part, but I don’t really like to pin either! So I did the hem.

Step 5: Fold the hem over again. An inch. And stitch. Be sure to leave a hole to pull the elastic through.

Step 6: Pull the elastic through and sew together the elastic. Then sew the hole closed.

Step 7: This is an optional step. I topstitched a second stitch. No real reason except for looks!

Step 8: Sew the legs together. Fold the pant legs, right sides together, and stitch the inseam. Start with the crotch and sew to the bottom of the leg. Repeat for each leg.

Step 9: Sew the leg hem. I did mine about an inch.

Step 10: Again, this an optional step. I went back and added a topstitch for that double stitch look.

And wah-la! Comfy Pants!

I know… It’s not a very exciting project, but we NEED new comfy pants!

Are you sewing along with KCWC? What was your first project?? Now it’s back to sewing for me!


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