Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 2

ergh… Ok, So I’m sensing a pattern here. Every KCWC I have one project that is just bad. Last year it was this raglan tee that I made. The kiddo wore it once. For the picture. Today, again, a project that is just yucky. It started off good but then turned bad.

Looks cute from the back, huh??? Yes, I think so, too. but unfortunately, for the coat, not me, I am usually looking at my son from the front and that’s what I see the most. And it’s not so cute from the front!

There was this project in this book I got from the library, The Fiesty Stitcher, that I thought looked cool. At first I thought it looked cool for me. Then I found this cute gnome fabric that I already had. The brain started buzzin’ and I decided to put them together and make this coat. The problem was that the pattern is not a child’s pattern. So I scaled everything down….

Um, not so much. From a distance, it’s cute. My husband thinks it’s cute. But he hasn’t seen it on the kid!

Here’s the deal. The hoodie screws it all up. It comes too far own the front, so when it’s on, it pulls the front ends up. It really, really bugs me. I’m sure it’s something I did and not the pattern, but I’m not exactly sure what I did wrong.

The other thing that doesn’t work is that it’s not big enough to add the snaps that I wanted to add. And that’s totally my fault. The pattern isn’t meant to close, but I wanted it to. In scaling, I also scaled down the width of the front panels. So if I didn’t have the hoodie on there, it would fit exactly how its supposed to. But not how I wanted it to. I needed to widen the front panels and forgot.

So I could take off the hoodie and it would be better. But it kinda makes my stomach turn at this point, so I’m done with it. I’m thinking that it might fit a kid half Max’s size. We’ll see. I have an idea of who might get to try it on…. As I was writing this my husbnad kept coming up with ideas of why it wasn’t working and how I could fix it. We’ll see if I try to salvage it or not….

Any ideas?


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