TuTu Monster Wreaths

I love blogging, but there’s one problem with it… The holidays bring everyone making holiday inspired crafts… So first off, I see things that other bloggers are making and I’m like, OH, I need to make that too…. And there’s the whole, I love being crafty so I want to make something new….

So… Here I am… It’s not like I am sitting around looking for something to do. I have a full to-do list, for sure… And I don’t need another Halloween wreath… But then the other day I saw this Tulle Wreath by She’s Crafty.

I thought it was really cute, just the way she made it, but… I also saw a monster… I saw her wreath taken in a little different direction and turned into a monster! I had to make one. Or two.

I thought it would be a fun project to do with the kiddo, but it was a little much for him. He helped with the color selection and the design of the monster faces. The red and orange was his idea! But he wasn’t really into helping tie on the zillion pieces of tulle! But he didn’t mind trying it on… So not only can it be a TuTu Monster Wreath, but it can be a tutu crown! Or a tutu, too!

We got the foam wreaths and the tulle. The 10″ wreath took 3 yards of tulle and the 12″ wreath needed 4 yards. I cut the tulle into 2″ x 10″, or so, strips. The set about tying each piece around the wreath. It’s kind like making a yarn wreath. It looks simple and quick, but it’s simple, yes, quick, no. Once that was FINALLY done, we embellished the wreaths with felt teeth, pipe cleaner antennas and eyeballs.

We were originally going to make our eyeballs, but then we found these eyeballs at the dollar store for another project and decided to use them.

As I was making this my husband said, ‘That’s not looking very scary, ya know.’ Yep… I wasn’t going for scary on this one…. So they’re monsters, but they look kinda like tutu’s too, huh?

What projects have you seen online that you decided to make?? Any good ones I need to add to my list??


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  1. very cool!
    I linked to your tutorial on my blog – thanks for sharing!

    doro K.

  2. I LOVE those Monster Wreaths! I made some bendable Mummy’s that I placed all over the house – here is the link on how to make them: https://nikitaland.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/how-to-make-a-bendable-mummy/

  3. By the way, have you ever “crafted” any of those table leg covers for Halloween yet? I have seen some really adorable orange & black striped legs with black shoes that slip over your table legs that look like witches feet. I wish I could find a pattern on how to make them! Let me know if you find a pattern!

  4. Oh my! Those are great. I love where you went with these. Hey I know! Perhaps I can link to this post over at The Wreath Blog? What do you say?

  5. Over from SITS. Thanks for sharing. These monster wreaths are fabulous! They look great.

  6. Love how you took an idea and made it your own! (Stopping by from SITS)

  7. Michelle westfall says:

    Really cute im making them for a 2 year old birthday party


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