Ahhhh!!! My To Do List

The To Do List is way to long!!

You’d think that since I’m unemployed, I’d have plenty of time and my to do list would be getting shorter and shorter… But for some reason, it’s longer than ever! And I pin things all the time. and some times I get them done. But lately I keep getting sidetracked and doing projects that I see online or just random things that I want to do. But I have got to finish my To Do List.

So I’m writing it down here….

Here it goes….

Make the volcano

Design more Dr Seuss Food Labels

Finish the 2 year old wedding quilt

John Smith Halloween Costume

My Halloween Costume

Dad’s Halloween Costume

Curtain for back window

Cover for the electrical panel

Doggy quilt

Swap quilt

Swap Magnets

2nd Swap quilt

Acorn pants

Finish jeans

My coat

Skull and Crossbones Sweatshirt

Halloween quilt

Memory quilt

Thank you notes

FInish editing 365 pictures

List Pirate party on Etsy

Christmas pot holders

Sort through pictures that need to be scanned

Catch up on Scrapbooks for the last 6 years! 🙂

Make my husband a quilt

Make and stage more parties to sell

Get Continuing Education credits for LEED and Licensing

Make my tank pattern and more tanks for me

Alter my dress into a shirt

Make Max’s Pea Coat from the pattern I’ve had for years now

Make a hoodie scarf

Refurbish our dining room chairs

Ok, here it goes! I’m hoping to stay on track! I’m sure that I’ll be adding to it here and there, but I’m seriously going to try to stay on track!

And here’s what I need you to do… Help me stay on track! 🙂