Halloween Decorating!

I love fall! It means Halloween is coming. It means Christmas is coming. I really miss the sun and the no rain days. The grey kinda gets to me here in the Pacific Northwest. And maybe that’s why I love transforming the house from the norm to Halloween and then Christmas. I know, Thanksgiving is in the middle, but I don’t usually do a lot of decor for that holiday…

I’ve gotten all the decorations up and we’ve had fun making some new ones! A lot of the decorations are the same as last year, just moved around a bit. I do love my new owl! A fun Marshall’s find. And then the bats have now been named. This one here, ‘not the super big one, just the kinda big one’ is called Sandy. Not sure why and why the kiddo has become attached to this one bat out of the 100’s hanging in our house….

Another new little decor is our spooky apothecary Halloween jars! Rats and eye balls thanks to the dollar store. The spiders were last years hand outs, instead of candy, that didn’t get handed out.

And then we made some new projects… Of course, I already showed you our TuTu Monster Wreaths.

But this year we also made some ghosts! I’ve been wanting to make starch ghosts for YEARS. And every year, I pull out the starch and the fabric and then I put it away and pack away the fabric with the rest of the Halloween decorations to do next year. Not this year! We made them, finally. I say we, but it was really just me. My son wanted to help, until he got his hands dirty. Every time he got starch on them he ran to the bathroom to wash it off…

But when it came to decorating his ghost! He was in permanent marker heaven! His first face on the ghost was so cute. Then he kept adding and adding and adding and… Well, there is a face in there somewhere. I have to step back and remind myself to give the kid the freedom to make his own art.

These guys were supposed to be outside decorations… I guess I should mention that that starch I bought for this project… I’ve had for years and never opened… And I think I’ve mentioned that I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest… It’s a bit moist here, most of the year… DO you see where I’m going with this? So we had our stiff little starch ghosts and I put them outside. Left them there over night. The next morning they were no longer standing up. The moisture got to them. Luckily I found them in time and still had my forms so we were able to salvage them. Lesson learned= Moisture and Starch don’t mix!

And I couldn’t stop… A ghost garland!

The art is the same as last year, but the bats decided to spread out further into the house!  We did add a few family portraits! How do we look?? Thanks to Ooh Moon for the illustrations!