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Thanks to all my readers! I’ll be back this evening with more kids clothes!!

KCWC- More Comfy Pants

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I’m back on track with my Kids Clothes Week Challenge! I was frustrated yesterday, but I’m loving the pants I made today. Again,they’re not all that exciting. But they work! Like I mentioned the other day, we are in need of comfy pants! I’m getting those crossed off the list.

The other thing about comfy pants in our house is that we have a lot of what I call ‘inside comfy pants’, but they are comfy pants that the kiddo wants to wear everywhere! So we need some comfy pants that he could wear inside and out and not look like he’s just wearing pj’s everywhere. I think these hit the spot.

I made these the same way I made the ones on Day 1 and included a few extra details. For the waist I cut down the pattern to not have the hem and basically made a really large binding that hides the elastic.

And I added the pockets! How do you like my fake piping? I just added a little piece of trim, sewn right sides together and then turned it over, but not quite all the way and stitched it down!

I loved Meg’s black and white shirt from yesterday with the bright colored trim and was going to do the same thing. But… I wanted a stripe and I didn’t have any good stripes for what I wanted, so I stuck with my grey and white seersucker. A punch of color would have been fun though… But it looks like the kiddo is having fun enough without the color, huh???

Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 2

ergh… Ok, So I’m sensing a pattern here. Every KCWC I have one project that is just bad. Last year it was this raglan tee that I made. The kiddo wore it once. For the picture. Today, again, a project that is just yucky. It started off good but then turned bad.

Looks cute from the back, huh??? Yes, I think so, too. but unfortunately, for the coat, not me, I am usually looking at my son from the front and that’s what I see the most. And it’s not so cute from the front!

There was this project in this book I got from the library, The Fiesty Stitcher, that I thought looked cool. At first I thought it looked cool for me. Then I found this cute gnome fabric that I already had. The brain started buzzin’ and I decided to put them together and make this coat. The problem was that the pattern is not a child’s pattern. So I scaled everything down….

Um, not so much. From a distance, it’s cute. My husband thinks it’s cute. But he hasn’t seen it on the kid!

Here’s the deal. The hoodie screws it all up. It comes too far own the front, so when it’s on, it pulls the front ends up. It really, really bugs me. I’m sure it’s something I did and not the pattern, but I’m not exactly sure what I did wrong.

The other thing that doesn’t work is that it’s not big enough to add the snaps that I wanted to add. And that’s totally my fault. The pattern isn’t meant to close, but I wanted it to. In scaling, I also scaled down the width of the front panels. So if I didn’t have the hoodie on there, it would fit exactly how its supposed to. But not how I wanted it to. I needed to widen the front panels and forgot.

So I could take off the hoodie and it would be better. But it kinda makes my stomach turn at this point, so I’m done with it. I’m thinking that it might fit a kid half Max’s size. We’ll see. I have an idea of who might get to try it on…. As I was writing this my husbnad kept coming up with ideas of why it wasn’t working and how I could fix it. We’ll see if I try to salvage it or not….

Any ideas?


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Kids Clothes Week Challenge and a Comfy Pants Tutorial!

It’s here again!!! Kids Clothes Week Challenge! Yea! I love a good challenge! The idea is to sew on your kids clothes for at least an hour each day this week. But if you’ve followed along before, I like to get a whole project done each day…

Today’s project. Comfy Pants!

We need some new ‘comfy pants’ as they are called around here. As you can see, my son seems to be growing up, but not around. He 4, but these 2T pants still fit in the waist. Just not in the length! Poor kid looks like he’s getting ready for a flood!

According to my son’s measurements, we now have pants that fit! yes, he found the tape measure and started measuring everything during our little photoshoot!

Needless to say, a pair of comfy pants was my first project this week! And they are soooo easy! I’ll do a little tutorial so you can see how I did them. Seriously, an hour.

The materials don’t get a picture this time. It’s a really long list… Just kidding! Fleece, elastic and thread. That’s it!

Step 1: I made my own pattern. Just layout a pair of pants that fit the kiddo. I added length, of course… And don’t forget to add length at the top for the hem and elastic pocket, an extra inch and a half. And you’ll notice that my pattern is bigger than the actual pants. That’s because you also don’t want to forget the seam allowance.

Step 2: Cut the fabric. The straight edge of the pattern needs to be cut on the fold of the fabric. You’re only cutting 2 pieces.

Step 3: Flatten out the two pattern pieces and lay them out, right sides together. Sew the crotch (follow the arrows!).

Step 4: Hem the waist. Since its fleece and not really a very iron-able fabric, I sewed a little hem. About a half-inch. You could just pin this part, but I don’t really like to pin either! So I did the hem.

Step 5: Fold the hem over again. An inch. And stitch. Be sure to leave a hole to pull the elastic through.

Step 6: Pull the elastic through and sew together the elastic. Then sew the hole closed.

Step 7: This is an optional step. I topstitched a second stitch. No real reason except for looks!

Step 8: Sew the legs together. Fold the pant legs, right sides together, and stitch the inseam. Start with the crotch and sew to the bottom of the leg. Repeat for each leg.

Step 9: Sew the leg hem. I did mine about an inch.

Step 10: Again, this an optional step. I went back and added a topstitch for that double stitch look.

And wah-la! Comfy Pants!

I know… It’s not a very exciting project, but we NEED new comfy pants!

Are you sewing along with KCWC? What was your first project?? Now it’s back to sewing for me!


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Sew Ready to Play Wrap-Up!

This year’s series of Sew Ready to Play was fantastic! At least I thought so… What about you?

Thank you so much to all the wonderful artists, crafters, sew-ers and bloggers that played along with me this year! Did you miss a day? Be sure to check them all out!

Memory by me

Tic Tac Toe Shirt and Printable by Simple World 123

Killer Bunny Carrot by Delia Creates

Clue Dress by Simple Simon and Co

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Dress by Craftiness is Not Optional

Impossible Mission by Cook, Clean, Craft

Plushie Pizza Parlor by Cirque de Bebe

Super Marios Bros Shirt by skirt as top

Hopscotch Hanging Organizer by The Southern Institute

Backgammon Skirt by The Long Thread

If anyone is interested in playing along again next year, just let me know!!

While Sew Ready to PLay was going on, don’t think I was just sitting around watching cartoons or anything. Nope, no way! WE planned and had a Pirate party!!! So stay tuned, I can’t wait to show it to you!

But now… It’s time for Kids Clothes Week Challenge! Again! You in???? I can’t wait! We need a Momma’s Clothes Week Challenge, too, don’t we?? I always say I’m going to make something for myself and always find other things to do instead, but if there was a Momma’s Clothes Week Challenge, I might actually get something done for me! 🙂

It’s My Birthday!! And a Giveaway for You!

Wohoo! It’s my birthday!!

I came home today and my son and Mom had made this beautiful cake for me and picked me two bouquets! One of up stairs and one for next to my bed. So as Max says, ‘You can see it at night and then you can see it when you wake up in the morning!’ Then he took me on a tour of the back yard showing me where all the flowers had come from! I love that the cake only has three candles. Does that mean I’m thirty again?? Yes! I’ll go with that!


So I’m taking a break from blogging today, but since it’s my birthday I thought I’d share a little something with ya! In the spirit of Sew Ready to Play month,  One lucky reader will get their very own handmade Memory game, made by yours truly!

This giveaway is for my blog followers! If you are a follower, just leave a comment telling me what you like to do on your birthday!

And if you’re not a follower, You’re welcome to follow along now and leave a comment telling me that you did! There are buttons to the right that let you subsricbe via RSS feed or email!

And for an extra entry:

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Winner will be chosen on Wednesday, October 13, 2012.

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Sew Ready to Play Backgammon with The Long Thread

I have some good and bad news… We’ll start with the bad… I’m sad to say, but today is the last day of the series… ahhhh… Enough about that! The good news… We have a great guest, Ellen from The Long Thread!! Ellen has a fantastic blog, fantastic fabrics and a great book, 1, 2, 3 Sew! I was lucky enough  to win a copy of this really cool book and I have to say it does have some great projects in it! I’ve been a fan of Ellen’s work for some time now and throughly enjoy reading her blog. You can only imagine how stoked I was to find my Magnetic Bookmark listed among her Top 100 Tutorials of 2011. Wow! 🙂 Yes, I was blushing! If you haven’t checked out her blog before now, you must! Well, after you read this…

And Welcome, Ellen!!!

Thanks to Louise for inviting me to be part of her clever Sew Ready to Play series! Today I’ve made a skirt inspired by the playful geometry of a backgammon board, which makes me want to actually get the game and teach my kids to play. I remember playing as a kid and think I loved the board as much as the game. This simple elastic waist skirt fits sizes 4-6, but could easily be adjusted to other sizes, even for adults! Use the triangle template to make patchwork for a quilt, a tote bag or placemats. If you want to be more faithful to the backgammon design, you could use two solid shades of fabric for the triangles and even make two bands of triangles facing one another.

This skirt was made with my new fabric collection for the Japanese company, Kokka, which will be available in stores in early 2013. Here I used this linen/cotton blend with a lightweight gray chambray cotton. This graphic skirt is perfect for fall paired with tights and boots, but light enough to wear year-round. Happy sewing!
Click here for the directions!
And you can check out another version of the skirt at Moda Bake Shop!
Ellen Luckett Baker is author of The Long Thread, where she writes about her adventures with sewing, crafting, and kids. Her book 1, 2, 3 Sew was recently published by Chronicle Books and her follow-up book, 1, 2, 3 Quilt, will be released Fall 2013. She has designed two fabric collections; the first for Moda, which is in stores now and the second for Kokka, which will be available in early 2013. Ellen lives in Atlanta with her husband, two daughters, and a growing number of pets.

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