Funky Fonts on Friday!

When I was making my Kitchen Mini Quilt, I knew I needed one of two things…

A bunch of letterpress letter stamps or a font that looks like letterpress letter stamps. The first option is more on the expensive side and time-consuming trying to find all the letters I need. I guess I could have shot over to my neighborhood letterpress shop and borrowed some… Didn’t think of that!

And then there’s the second option. A free font. That works much better for my wallet! Buuut it’s still pretty time-consuming!

So as I was looking around, I found a ton of fonts I love. (see I kept looking and looking for the perfect font, even after I had found the one I wanted to use for my project!)

I thought I’d share with you what I found. Some are on topic of the letterpress letter stamp. Others show you how I got sidetracked…. They are nothing like letterpress, but I like them anyway!

Click on the links below to download the fonts you love!

Lemondrop, Opera Lyrics- Smooth, Serial Publication, Transit Display, All Ages, Master Plan, Gunslinger, Headliner No 45, Janda Truly Madly Deeply, Alice in Wonderland, Peoni Patterns, Trace and Green Piloww.


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  1. Thanks so much… LOved them!!

  2. thank you for the fonts!


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