Etsy and Instagram and Facebook, Oh, my!

Are you flashing back to The Wizard of Oz??? I am… Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh, my! Ok, maybe it’s just me…

So many updates today!

First, Etsy

Do these cards look familiar to anyone? I designed them all last year for a free printable. Well, this year, I’ve updated them all and they are available in my Etsy shop! You don’t have to hassle around with the files. I’ll do it for you! You purchase and send me your pictures. I’ll set the whole thing up for you and send it back to ya! Easy!!!! So if you haven’t already ordered your Holiday cards, check out mine! Each card come with a PDF of corresponding address labels and envelope liner paper! What do you think??

Next, Instagram….

My Instagram account has been private for the last couple of years that I’ve been using it. Until today… I’ve opened it up to be public. I’m a little hesitant… But I want to get to know you. I’ve been writing to you for the last couple of years, but I feel like I haven’t gotten to know too many of the people who read my blog… And I’m coming to a blogging place that feels very alone. I didn’t start this blog to be alone! I started it to make friends out there that I would otherwise not know. So I thought I’d try this out and see. You can now follow me on instagram! I’ve started taking pictures of my crafty projects and fun things I see out there. Not just my son… There will still be pictures of him, just a warning! He’s cute though, right?!

You can click here, the image above or the same image on the right hand side over there!

(I’m kinda excited about my little instagram image I just made!)

And Lastly, Facebook

If you follow any other blogs, you’ve probably already seen this…. But Facebook has made some changes and you don’t actually get updates for every page that you like… So, if you can do me a favor, I’ll let you know how to be sure to not miss a FB update!

Go to my FB page by clicking here. Then mouse over the blue LIKED button and you see the drop down menu in the image above. Make sure that you have checked ‘Show in News Feed’. This was you’ll never miss a post and if you comment, or like or anything else, probably, other friends will see it and so on and so on!

Big sigh….

That was a lot of information!

I’m so glad to have you and look forward to getting to know you even better with these little changes I’ve made and hope too see more of you on FB and Instagram!


  1. Hey! I am a BIG fan of yours, so you are not alone! I just wish you lived close to me so you could teach me how to sew like you! And I could teach you all of my neat crafts! My paper mache snowman is coming along nicely and I am almost done with him – can’t wait for you to see him! (by the way, are you a subscriber to my blog too?) Have a wonderful day & remember, you always have a friend over here! ~ Valerie ~

  2. I know what you mean about the “alone” thing.

    It’s funny how when I started blogging I thought I would meet people and find some friends on the internet. But it isn’t really like that, I’ve come to realize. I mean, I guess I’ve made “friends” but none of depth. I think it’s a time thing. People (I include myself in this) are busy and trying to run businesses, and keep up with blog posts, and email, and cleaning, and cooking, and living. I guess they don’t have time to connect with someone who lives in the next country or continent. And that is kind of understandable… I think if I really want to connect, there has to be an actual commitment made. Am I ready to make a commitment to someone I will never see? I don’t know… But it’s something I think about often as I blog. These days, I blog for me. I consider it work. And that work is what I’m committed to.

    But why am I a little bit sad about that?

  3. Cute Christmas cards! How do you suggest your customers to print them? Upload the pdf to someplace like Walgreens or Target and print it on photo paper? Is there another method that I’m not thinking of that will get crisp/clear prints?

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