Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’re here in America, enjoy the holiday!

beautiful sketch by Wit and Whistle

And if you’re not in America, you can play along!

It’s so funny, I went a little overboard on the Thanksgiving themed books from the library this year and my son is so BORED with all the Thanksgiving books. But I keep reading them, because I am convinced that I am going to find one that talks about why we celebrate Thanksgiving and not just about the food we eat. I mean it is about giving thanks for our food, but there is a little bit more to the story! We found a few, but most of them just talk about eating…

And we will eat! While we think about everything we have to be thankful for.

And my son will be thankful that all these Thanksgiving books can go back to the library!

Sorry, I missed posting earlier this week! The family was sick this weekend, all of us, and this week I feel like I’ve been playing catch up. So I’m thankful that we’re feeling better! More next week!!