Repurposed Boots!

OK, so I know that Thanksgiving is over and blogs all over the web have moved into Christmas gifts and Christmas gift guide lists and Christmas decorating ideas and Christmas craft ideas and… Not me…. I will, don’t get me wrong! I will! We’re cleaning the house this week so we can get the decorations down this weekend, we’ve already started reading my son’s Christmas obsession, The Grinch, and I’ve started our Christmas cards. But this week, I’m not quite ready for Christmas!

We know Christmas is coming soon, because the rain has started again here in Seattle! Which means rain boots are an everyday accessory around here. And since they are everyday, my son’s favorite pair eventually had some blow outs. It was a sad day when these boots had to be put away. We couldn’t give them to someone else and I hate to throw things away… So we now have rain boots planters!

We got the boots, my drill, potting soil and rocks. And plants of course! My son was adamant that at least one was going to be an inside planter. It wasn’t in my plan, but eventually I decided it wasn’t a fight I felt like fighting, so one of the boots came inside, the other outside. (Hopefully this spring, the other will go outside as well…)

First step we drilled a couple of small holes in the bottom so the boot will drain.

Then we filled up the toe with the rocks. Look at that face. Can you hear our conversation? He’s saying, ‘It’s Heavy, It’s Heavy’. I’m saying, ‘Hold on, just one more picture!’

Next was the potting soil and the plant! If you notice in the pictures, we had a little plant switch-a-roo. The outside plant I got, was a bit bigger than anticipated, so I found a different one. I know, December probably isn’t the best time to transplant plants, but we’re giving it a try on this one.

I can’t belive that this project wasn’t on my To Do List. The boots have been sitting out on the patio, just waiting. And my son keeps asking about, ‘when are we planting my boots??’ it’s finally done and we think it’s pretty cute! A great way to keep things ‘Green’ this holiday season!


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