Merry Christmas

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day today with family and friends!


I’m taking the rest off the year from blogging and will be back after the first of the year! Have a Happy New Year!

A Handmade Christmas- Pot Holders

And another thing marked off the to do list!


This Christmas there are a bit more handmade items than in years past. Which is fantastic! I’m actually doing them! But the one problem is my procrastination…. Staying up late the last few days! The good part is, I’m loving the pieces I’m making. I can’t show you too many of them since the gifts are going to people who see the blog… So most of January I’ll be showing what I made for my handmade Christmas!


These pot holders were a lot of fun to make. I don’t think I measured a single thing! Oh, that’s not true. I did measure to make sure that they are square. Otherwise, I just kinda cut until they fit.

Remember the Curtain Are So Easy Tutorial I did this summer? Those curtains were for my Stepmother’s kitchen and I had extra pieces left over. And I knew that they needed to be potholders to go in her kitchen!


The first one I made was the elephant one. The elephant is a recurring theme in their home… Roll Tide! TYpically he’s not yellow, but…I loved this Premier Prints elephant fabric.


Then I made this one with just a simple little quilting design.


And lastly, I made the ice cream bowl one! I was totally inspired by this one from Pink Penquin, which she sells here. I admit, I didn’t buy the pattern. But… I’d recommend buying the pattern so that your’s looks as perfect as hers do and so that you don’t end up with a lop sided bowl like I did. With all that ice cream in my bowl, if it was real, it wouldn’t stand up!


My Dad has a little addiction to ice cream. He has a bowl every night before bed. My Step Mom said that if the ice cream wasn’t in the kitchen, he probably wouldn’t even realize that they had a kitchen! So I thought the ice cream one would be fun!


So, like the magnets, I’m kinda addicted to the pot holders now!

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Christmas in a Jar!

Alright. Alright… I said I wasn’t going to make new Christmas decoration this year, but I can’t seem to stop….


Last year, I got these jars for Christmas. Or was it two years ago??? At first I was like, what am I going to do with them?? I put away a few pictures from the shelf, added some sand and sea shells and called it cute! Then this Halloween, I realized that they were just sitting there waiting to become a part of our holiday decorating.


I had the glitter paper, the deer and my collection of cone trees. My first idea was to do each jar totally different, but then decided to go with the two deer jars. And then a little something different for the middle one.


The middle one was originally going to be a papercut of the Abominable Snow Monster.  Remember my Christmas paper cut art piece last year? Well, I realized I hadn’t done one in a year. And wanted to do another, but not a whole piece so I thought it would be perfect to do a little one for the jars. But then we came across these little candy figures of Santa and the elves at the Dollar store and the Snow Monster was out and Santa’s village was in!


And the papercut is miniature! But I love it. My husband just shook his head and smiled when he saw me cutting out each little window….


I used this pretty thick glitter paper, so it was kinda hard to get the perfect cone shape for the trees. Oh, well…. of course, it doesn’t help that it’s kinda like a Carnival Hall of Mirrors trying to photograph these trees in the jars! And the Epsom salt makes for a perfect snow theme.



I had a great time coming up with the little designs for the jars!


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A Day of Remembrance

All weekend I have thought about this and gone over and over in my head and heart about it. My feelings on gun control. My feelings for all the ones lost. And the ones who will be traumatised for years to come. My feelings as a parent. It makes me sick to think about all the heartache in this community right now. I look at my son and can’t imagine life without him. I look in his precious eyes, feeling lucky that I can, and see the innocence and can’t imagine a life of fear and innocence shattered for him. So as all these same feelings are being thought about and felt by the world around, I wish the families of Newtown a moment of peace and I share in this Day of Remembrance.


The Glitter is Out for an Ornament Tutorial

If you’ve been reading since last Christmas, you know that I rarely break out the glitter unless it’s Christmas. It’s out again! And I’ve been making glitter tree ornaments.

GlitterTree-Main-I'mFeelin' Crafty

I’m doing another swap…. Yes, another one. This one is an ornament exchange! The 5th Annual Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange hosted by Blu Penny. I’m excited! So originally I joined thinking I’d exchange the tree ornament I made from my son’s designs, but then this idea hit me… You might already know this, but I have a growing collection of brightly colored pointy, cone trees that I decorate with. So then this seemed perfect!

GlitterTree-Title-I'mFeelin' Crafty

The Idea started with this tree as the final product, but the making of went through a few ideas… The idea came from a bag of wooden spools I picked up at Goodwill and have proceeded to lose. I’m 99% sure I have these spools, but I can’t find them anywhere. Then I found some ‘fake’ spools and this is how I finally decided to make the ornaments.

GlitterTree-Materials-I'mFeelin' Crafty

The materials you’ll need are:

Little Foam cones

Little Wooden Spools

Mod Podge or glue

White Paint

Paint Brush

Glitter, I prefer the super fine glitter

Barbeque Skewers


And not pictured (I forgot) is a Loop Turner

GlitterTree-Step1-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 1:  First, I painted the little spools.

GlitterTree-Step2-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 2: Push the skewer in through the cone. This is kinda tricky, because it wants to come out through the side. So you have to work it up and straight through the middle.

GlitterTree-Step3-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 3: Coat the cone in the Mod Podge.

GlitterTree-Step4-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 4: Coat in glitter!!!

GlitterTree-Step5-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 5: Glue the spools onto the bottom of the cone. I kept my skewer sticking out of the tree to help locate the right position for the spool. (You can also use a hot glue gun for this part!)

GlitterTree-Step5-2-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Then you have this great little forest of glittery trees!

GlitterTree-Step6-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 6: Pull the ribbon through the spool and the cone.

GlitterTree-Step7-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 7: And tie a knot at the bottom of the spool and another one at the top of tree. This covers up that flat top part of the cone.

GlitterTree-SilverTree-I'mFeelin' Crafty

And Voila! It’s ready to hang on the tree!

GlitterTree-PinkTree-I'mFeelin' Crafty

I’m totally in love with these trees, but now I have to decide which of my swap partners gets which tree….

GlitterTree-FInished-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Do you decorate with these bright colors? Or are you more or a red and green traditionalist??

Be sure to check out all the ornaments in the ornament exchange flickr group for more inspiration!!

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Mary Kay Giveaway Winner!

It’s that time! Time to giveaway the Mary Kay Satin Hands set to one lucky winner! Thanks for everyone who commented!

Drum Rollllll…. please!

drumrollplease1 copy

And the winner is… Comment number 23!

Capture2Congratulation Katie!! I’ll be emailing you soon!


Dear Santa, I Have a Printable Letter for You!

Have you been to see Santa yet? Have you written your letter to Santa? We did both today!


This year I made a fill in the blank letter to Santa. My son was able to fill out some parts, but others, like the gift list, I filled out for him. He was quick to mark the Nice and not the Naughty box!


If you haven’t already written your letters, click Here to download the PDF of this one! (The letter has been updated for 2021!)


I’ve been on the fence about fill in the blank thank you letters lately. So I’m not sure why I decided to make one for his Christmas letter, but I did and it worked out perfectly! He’s loving learning to write his letters so it was not only a cute looking letter, but a learning experience as well!


And then he got to read it to Santa. they really had a good chat about everything on his list. One thing he’s obsessed about is Spider-man and most of his list is Spider-man related toys. Santa had a good question… If he gets the web thrower, is he ready to pick up the webs it throws? He told Santa yes, but he told me that Spider-man doesn’t pick up his own webs… hmmmm… I’ll have to talk a little further with Santa on this one!

A Sweet Holiday Hostess Candle Gift

I hope you had a chance to make it out to the Greens and Gifts Galore this weekend! As guests to the sneak preview there was another craft that we got to make that I want to share with you…

Kristin Price from KristinPotPie had this great project set up for us all to make. It could be a great gift to take as a hostess gift to your next party or just to keep (like I’m doing). A bunch of them grouped together would be a beautiful centerpiece as well. (I just thought about that as I was writing this or I would have set it up and taken pictures…)


It’s super simple!

First let’s decorate the top. I cut a circle, but my first one was too small… So I cut again. This time I made the circle larger than I needed, then set it up on the jar and trimmed it down. Cut some greens, grab some floating candles and add water. (If you are giving this as a hostess gift, you might want to wait to add the water. Just in case… You don’t want it to spill on the way to the party!) Then add some ribbon embellishments to the top and Voila!


I don’t remember exactly what the clippings we used were, but I’ll let you know when I find out!


What would you do? Keep it or give it away? Or make more than one and do both???


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Free Cookies and Coffee and Crafts and Gifts and Greens Galore!

ok, so I don’t have any cookies and coffee for you, but I can tell you where you can get some!! If you are near Seattle, please try to make it to the The Arboretum Foundation’s beloved holiday sale, Gifts & Greens Galore. Get ready because it’s starting now! The event takes place today and tomorrow,  Friday, December 7, from 12 to 5 p.m., and Saturday, December 8, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


I was recently invited to attend the sneak preview and it was pretty cool!  I had never been to the event, so I was curious to find out more about it. The invite said crafts so how could I resist??


The annual event is a fund-raiser for the amazingly beautiful Arboretum, right in the middle of our fair city! The sale offers a one-of-a-kind selection of eco-friendly botanical decorations. While I was there donors were dropping off all sorts of beautiful clippings perfect for holiday decorating. The clippings, from both donors and from around the Arboretum,  are all sorted and sold by the pound. Not only can you buy the clippings to make into your own creations, but you can also pick up locally sourced and sustainably harvested wreaths, swags, and garlands.



Isn’t that hydrangea wreath fantastic? it was also made by local volunteers. Love it!


There’s also a great sale to pick up Christmas presents, including these great terrariums! And some great DIY demonstrations:

On Friday at 1 p.m., author and outdoor living expert Debra Prinzing will show shoppers how to create beautiful holiday centerpieces using seasonal, locally grown materials;

Northwest lifestyle and entertaining expert Alexandra Hedin will give a demo on Saturday at 11 a.m. about unique ways fresh greens can be used for the holidays;

Sue Mariotti of The Terrarium Shop on Etsy will show you how to build a miniature terrarium (so hot right now!) on Friday, from 2 to 4 p.m.,

And Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Foundation volunteer craft specialists and educators from UW Botanic Gardens will also host show-and-tell activities during the event, one of which we got to make!


These great little wreaths are made from ivy branches. Since ivy is an invasive species, the event will not be selling any of it, but it can be used in crafting!!! Lisa, the Education Program Assistant at the University of Washington Botanic Gardens, was there directing us on making these cute little wreaths. I love my super little simple one. Just a little bit of ivy branches, a pine clipping, a little mini pine cone nut thingy (you can see I’m not real up on my planting terminology) and some ribbon!


I loved seeing all their ideas on different ways to use clippings, from your own home or from their sale, as decorating embellishments! Check out that star place setting. How cute is that???


And thank you so much to The Arboretum’s local coffee roaster. Zoka Coffee, so offering free coffee for the event and to Cougar Mountain Cookies for the delicious cookies. Be sure to taste a little of both while you’re there (for free!)!

We also got to make another cute craft! But I’m saving it ’till tomorrow! Come back!!

And the details again….

The Arboretum Foundation’s beloved holiday sale, Gifts & Greens Galore, returns to the Graham Visitors Center at Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle, on Friday, December 7, from 12 to 5 p.m., and Saturday, December 8, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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A Sponsor for Me and a Giveaway for You!

Yep, my first blog sponsor! I’ve decided to take the plunge and accept advertising…  I’m excited! I’m planning on it bring even more fun and creative crafting and sewing ideas our way!


My very first sponsor is,  honestly, not a crafty or sewing product, but she is my Mom and she is a Mary Kay Director! She has been since I was 1. So guess what product I’ve used my whole life… And which products I’ve never used… Answer to the first question is Mary Kay. The answer to the second question is… Every thing else!


And as her role as a sponsor she’s offering a giveaway! One lucky reader will receive this three-piece Satin hands set! The Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Pampering Set is an easy, three-step system that helps keep hands feeling renewed, soothed and pampered. Perfect timing for you to win a wonderful gift for yourself or a gift to put under the tree for another lucky friend!


And another little surprise… It comes gift wrapped in a cute little lined bag by yours truly!!


I love this! There are three pieces, the first is the hand softener which leaves your hands hydrated. The second, my favorite, is the Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub, the exfoliator. And the third piece in the set is the moisturizing hand cream.

Ready to WIN? You have FIVE ways to enter! And come back and leave a separate comment on this post for each entry!

1) Head to my Mom’s website and let us know which product is your favorite!

2) Become a fan of Feelin’ Crafty on Facebook.

3) Feelin’ Crafty subscriber’s get another comment.

4) Share the Giveaway and let me know that you did in another comment.

5) And for an extra order, Contact Jenny Mullins  and place a Christmas gift order.  Be sure to let me know that you did! She’ll love to hear from you!

Winner will be chosen on Wednesday, December 12, 2012. (update: I extended the deadline becuase I realized I hadn’t left it open for a week, which I like t0


Winner will be chosen using

The giveaway is now closed!