Family Affair Christmas Ornaments

See? I told you I’d be getting into that Christmas swing here soon!


I don’t know about you, but every year growing up I made Christmas ornaments. And it seems like over the last couple  of years, I’ve revised that tradition. This year they are fabric and made from images from my husband and son.


We’ve got your typical scary alien Christmas ornaments… I mean, who doesn’t love scary ornaments? Ok, I’ve never actually had a scary ornament on my tree, but my husband and I love this image our son made, so it’s going on the tree!!  This one really was a true family affair. My son drew it, my husband silk screened it and I made the patchwork back and put it all together!


Robots? What about robots  for your tree? This is probably a bit more common than, oh, I don’t know, maybe, a scary alien… This one is actually part of a t-shirt design my husband made. But I liked it and flashes of Christmas trees were zooming through my head when he was printing them, so I had him make me some extras to turn into more ornaments!


And lastly, my favorite! My son’s rendition of a Christmas tree. wanna know a secret? According to my son, it’s actually a foot and toes, but, shhhhh… don’t tell anyone! As soon as I saw it, I thought Christmas tree, so I made it into a Christmas tree. For this one, I made two stamps. One for the trunk and one for the green pieces. Then stamped them onto the fabric, patchworked the back and put them all together!


I made a huge mess in my sewing area pulling out all the green and red and Christmas scraps I could find!


I meant to take a picture of the big patchwork piece I made to then cut out for the backs. I was actually really loving it. It would have been fun to keep going with it. Since I forgot to take a picture, you’ll just kinda have to imagine… It looked kinda like this…


Another way, an easier way, to do this project would be to print you’re child’s art, or yours or your husbands, onto a printable fabric and then cut them out from there. I did do that and then realized I’d messed up my son’s design, so I didn’t continue with that! (I need to fix it and make those.) But printable fabric is a much easier way to do this project if you don’t want to make your own stamp or start silk screening!

My son LOVES them! I’m pretty excited about them.


But we’ll see how much other people like them! I’m selling them at Twilight Artist Collective in West Seattle if you’re around West Seattle, stop by and check them out! (and buy one or two!) What do you think? Would you buy one? I’m curious if anyone else would hang a scary alien on their tree!


  1. those are the cutest little ornaments (those drawings are inspired) and I just think it’s great that you all had a part in making them. that makes them priceless!


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