The Glitter is Out for an Ornament Tutorial

If you’ve been reading since last Christmas, you know that I rarely break out the glitter unless it’s Christmas. It’s out again! And I’ve been making glitter tree ornaments.

GlitterTree-Main-I'mFeelin' Crafty

I’m doing another swap…. Yes, another one. This one is an ornament exchange! The 5th Annual Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange hosted by Blu Penny. I’m excited! So originally I joined thinking I’d exchange the tree ornament I made from my son’s designs, but then this idea hit me… You might already know this, but I have a growing collection of brightly colored pointy, cone trees that I decorate with. So then this seemed perfect!

GlitterTree-Title-I'mFeelin' Crafty

The Idea started with this tree as the final product, but the making of went through a few ideas… The idea came from a bag of wooden spools I picked up at Goodwill and have proceeded to lose. I’m 99% sure I have these spools, but I can’t find them anywhere. Then I found some ‘fake’ spools and this is how I finally decided to make the ornaments.

GlitterTree-Materials-I'mFeelin' Crafty

The materials you’ll need are:

Little Foam cones

Little Wooden Spools

Mod Podge or glue

White Paint

Paint Brush

Glitter, I prefer the super fine glitter

Barbeque Skewers


And not pictured (I forgot) is a Loop Turner

GlitterTree-Step1-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 1:  First, I painted the little spools.

GlitterTree-Step2-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 2: Push the skewer in through the cone. This is kinda tricky, because it wants to come out through the side. So you have to work it up and straight through the middle.

GlitterTree-Step3-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 3: Coat the cone in the Mod Podge.

GlitterTree-Step4-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 4: Coat in glitter!!!

GlitterTree-Step5-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 5: Glue the spools onto the bottom of the cone. I kept my skewer sticking out of the tree to help locate the right position for the spool. (You can also use a hot glue gun for this part!)

GlitterTree-Step5-2-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Then you have this great little forest of glittery trees!

GlitterTree-Step6-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 6: Pull the ribbon through the spool and the cone.

GlitterTree-Step7-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Step 7: And tie a knot at the bottom of the spool and another one at the top of tree. This covers up that flat top part of the cone.

GlitterTree-SilverTree-I'mFeelin' Crafty

And Voila! It’s ready to hang on the tree!

GlitterTree-PinkTree-I'mFeelin' Crafty

I’m totally in love with these trees, but now I have to decide which of my swap partners gets which tree….

GlitterTree-FInished-I'mFeelin' Crafty

Do you decorate with these bright colors? Or are you more or a red and green traditionalist??

Be sure to check out all the ornaments in the ornament exchange flickr group for more inspiration!!

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