Happy New Year!

Can you believe it’s 2013???? Man! I can’t! Where does the time go??? AHHH!

I wasn’t going to post a ‘Best Of’ post, but I’ve been working on my blog a little bit and looking back over the past year and thought, ‘I’m looking at every single post, so why not??’ It’s been great looking back at how much I made this year and how fun so many of the projects were! Here are some of my favorites. These are purely my favorites, not posts that got the most views or anything like that! Just my favorites!



I’m still in love with my Row Row Row Your Boat quilt!


A cute little Valentine’s Day card


Another quilt for the Project Quilting Series. I loved making the postage stamp quilt based on where I live!


A Bear and his best friend Pear. Totally made up by my son! I love being able to bring his stories to life!


What an amazing trip to Gee’s Bend!


This was my first sewing machine cover. I’ve made a couple more since then, but love making them and love hearing that others are making them too!


My favorite shirt that I’ve made for my son!


Another doll. Drawn by a kiddo made by me!


This memory game was something I’d been wanting to make for years! So glad I finally did!


I think this sweatshirt I remade for my son is a super close second behind the 4th of July shirt!


The teeny tiny magnets were totally addicting!


Glitter glitter glitter! it just makes me smile!

2012 was a FANTASTIC year for me! Creatively, family and for my blog, too!  I hope it was for you too. My one hope for my blog is that it inspires someone to make something.

And here’s to another creative year!


Welcome 2013!