Party Dress Turned Ninja Costume

It’s time for Project Run and Play! Season 6! Are you sewing along?? I never have, but I love to watch and Vote! I’m always amazed at the pieces the contestants produce!! And this year, I have decided to sew more clothes, for both myself and my son, so I’ve decided to sew along.


This week’s challenge is The Party Dress Remix! The pattern is a beautiful dress from The Cottage Home! And if I sewed for girls I probably would have made a beautiful dress, but… I sew for my son. And he and his Dad might be kinda weird about me dressing him up in a dress.



My son is SUPER into Super Heros, especially Spider-man. For Christmas he also got a Ninjago Alarm Clock and he loves it. His older cousin is SUPER into Ninjago characters, so now my son likes them too. So… When I saw the party dress, I also saw the little Ninjago character….

ninjago characters

image via RedsDirt


This really is a remix! Let’s start with what I kept from the pattern. I kept the bodice. And I kept the gathered skirt, kinda. I kept the button back. Ok, that was fast…


Now for what I remixed…. I added sleeves. I lengthened the bodice. I super shortened the skirt. I narrowed the waist strap and added a tie. I replaced the fabric button closure with painted red elastic. OH, and since it’s a costume, I chose not to line it.


Once my son got it on and looked in the mirror he was convinced that this isn’t what a Ninjago Ninja looks like. So I had to take him downstairs to the computer and bring up the picture above on the computer. He was coming around and starting to agree with me, but he stuck to his guns. He pointed out that he didn’t have the yellow face and the round black hands weren’t like his costume….. Ummm… I can sometimes go to great lengths to get things just right, but I wasn’t going to chop off his hands and add round, lego hands or paint his face yellow today…. Once we cleared that up, he was on board that this costume looked like a Ninjago!


My little  Ninjago has his eyes on you…. (I’ve still got to finish the hat/mask thingy… I forget the real name for them…)


Even Dad was pretty impressed with the remix. He definitely had his hesitations when I told him I was making our son an outfit out of a dress pattern! This has now opened up a whole new way of looking at all the little girl clothes out there. Boys kinda get the shaft sometimes when it comes to the clothes options. But I feel a little free-er after this project. Free-er in knowing that just because it’s for a girl, doesn’t mean I can’t change a few things to make it more BOY!


And how would you remix the Party Dress?? Are your kids obsessed with Ninjago? Mine isn’t obsessed yet, but it seems to be an extremely hot toy with the boys!


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