Some Stripes and Some Dots

Update!! We won! We won the Reader Challenge for this outfit!! Yea!!

This week’s Project Run and Play challenge is Stripes and Dots. So welcome to my Stripes and Dots upcycled sweatshirt! This project might remind you of another upcycled sweatshirt I made for the kiddo. I don’t know why, but I love the oversized hoody look on my son!


I had a plan for the sweatshirt, pants and a scarf, but didn’t quite get the whole ensemble! I’ve been working on some other fun stuff that I can’t wait to share!!! Anyway… back to the challenge at hand!


I’ve had the idea floating around in my head for a few weeks now, since the challenges were given out back in December. But it didn’t quite come together as I planned. I knew I wanted to use this old brown sweatshirt. But I also wanted to use some other orange and brown shirts that I have in my recycle stash. At the last-minute I decided that they didn’t go together and I had to scramble to pull something else warm and soft together.


We found the dot fabric, but nothing to go with it, so for the pockets I pieced together the same color flannels that are in the dots to get my stripes!

As I was looking through the pictures I realized that the pockets are a hit. In almost all of the pictures he has his hands in the nice warm pockets!


One thing about the sweatshirt is that it was ripped down the front. I think it was too tight around the neck for my husband so he made it into a ‘slit neck’ sweatshirt! I wish I had taken a picture of my first fix. well, maybe I don’t, it looked really bad! Then I found Errant Pear’s tutorial on binding a slit neck. OK, so mine doesn’t look as fantastic as hers does, but it looks 100 times better than it did! Trust me!


When my son first saw what I made him, it was, ‘Awwww… Man… That’s not what I wanted. I wanted blue and red and orange and green….’ But then while we were taking pictures he said, ‘I do like it after all!’ A crazy face, but a double thumbs up! Sweet kid!

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