Me Matey’s! It’s the Pirate Party Again!

Think back matey’s… Back to November…


I shared the Pirate Party that we put on for my son’s 4th birthday! Do you think you’re kiddo would like to have one??? Now they can! It’s FINALLY all up on etsy!


From tons of printables… Like the invite, the pirate map art project, food labels, Happy Birthday banner and more!





To handmade party favors… Like pirate hats and eye patches and bags, Oh,My!




The party was a blast! And, honestly, it took me forever to get it all listed on etsy, but I feel GREAT! It’s finally up! I’d love to know which piece is your favorite!!

Let me know! And what party should I do next?

I Joined a Quilting Bee!

Ah! A quilting bee! I remember back in the day when I thought quilting was for old ladies and had no idea what a quilting bee was. Boy am I eating my words now! Quilting is amazing. It’s not just for old ladies. Although, I feel like I’m getting there with the amount of grey hair on my head! And the quilting world is full of amazing, creative people! Doing amazing things!


here’s where the do. Good Stitches comes in! I follow a blog called Stitched in Color where I learned about do. Good Stitches. And if I understand correctly, Rachel (the creative lady behind Stitched in Color), started do. Good. I could be wrong about that, but… That’s actually not the point. The point is that do. Good Stitches is an online, modern quilting bee where we create quilts for those in need.


Once you join you’re grouped up with a group of Stitchers, those who make the blocks, and Quilters, who also make blocks, but also make the quilts!

So each month there is a different quilter. That quilter picks a quilt block and color scheme. We all make blocks and send them to the quilter. Melissa from Melissa Loves Color, started us off this year! The block she choose was the Herringbone Block from Rachel’s blog! Does it look familiar?? Like maybe I did it again for a pouch?! The color scheme was blues and greens, which I have a little bit of! So here’s my block!do_Good-Jan-ImFeelinCrafty

Then quilter puts all the blocks together and makes the quilt!


Our group is called the Nuture Group and we’re quilting for the group called My Very Own Blanket. My Very Own Blanket is here to make sure that all foster kids has at least one thing they can call their own, their very own quilt or blanket.


Look how beautiful this quilt turned out! All the quilt pictures are by Melissa via her blog!

February is my month! The blocks are the wonky star block. And I’ll be putting it together in March!!! Stay Tuned!

Would you like to join the bee? You can sign up for the wait list here!

A Doll Quilt!

And another swap!


I recently joined in on the Doll Quilt Swap and had a blast! Look what wonderful goodness came from the swap. I got my gift (the one on the right with the orange) the same day I was shipping mine (the pink and blue one on the left), so they got to say hello to each other! In planning it I came up with w few designs that even though they didn’t get made for the swap, they are going to be made into something soon! I’m really excited about them!!


I knew my partner liked the red, pink, white and teal color scheme, so these are the designs I came up with! DUring this swap, I kept waiting for my partner to comment nad she didn’t comment much.


Then when I posted my sketches, she commented on one, ‘Are you talking to me ;)? I think I’d pick this one, but it’s really hard to choose! They are all great. Which one would you enjoy making the most?’ I freaked! This being a secret swap she wasn’t supposed to know who her partner was. Part of me knew she was just being funny, but there was a part of me that was freakin’ out! ‘HOW DOES SHE KNOW IT”S ME???’ I almost made a different quilt to post on flickr as my progress, just to throw her off!


But I finally calmed down and knew she didn’t know I was her partner and went on with the design she liked!


The middle kinda gave me a curve ball. It didn’t end up as ’round’ as I wanted it to be. I ended up taking out two triangle pieces and redoing them to help the ‘circle’ out a bit!


Of course, every little swap gets a little somethin’ extra to go along with it. So I reused those two triangles that I took out of the quilt to make a pin cushion. I also found this cool old embroidery hoop that I thought I only had one piece too. Then I realized it was actually two pieces, so Ta Da! I had me an embroidery hoop to use to make my favorite new pin cushion style out of!  And a little charm pack of Quilt Blocks by Ellen Luckett Baker for Moda Fabrics.


And…. When you swap, you always get something in return, right? Looky what I got!! My partner was Emily and she did a beautiful job on my little quilt! It’s really cool how it seems to pop! And see here’s the beauty of swaps. I remember when she posted it and asked which color to bind it in… I said orange! And look! She listened. I had no idea it was for me.


One requirement of the Doll Quilt Swap is that the quilt has to have a label. So I made one. Once I got it quilted, it’s a little hard to read, but I think it worked. Next time maybe I’ll embroider it…

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A Vertical Starfish Garland DIY

Don’t be too sad, but I hate to say it…. This is my last Christmas present post! Yes, February is halfway over and I’m still chatting about Christmas!


This was a gift for my mom who loves everything beach inspired. And who reads the blog, so I couldn’t write about it before Christmas!


I saw this picture of the vertical starfish garland in Coastal Living in the December issue and pulled the ‘ole, ‘I can make that!’ I immediately tore the page out so I wouldn’t forget. And yes, I do subscribe to Coastal Living. On accident! It was also a present for my mom last year, but I accidentally got my mom and myself an issue. Instead of canceling, I’ve really enjoyed it! Now to decide if I resubscribe??? I already have some more DIY ideas for the beach house (or my mom…).


So off to work I went in my little Christmas workshop! I had the rope left over from our pirate party and some starfish still left over from our wedding. I had given most of them to my mom to decorate her house, so I did have to ask her to bring some back for me to make her present! HA!


Originally I was planning on using just one piece of the rope, but then realized a little more simpler approach! I measured out the length I wanted between the stars and then hot glued the one long length of rope to the back of the starfish. Then I went back around each one and wrapped the rope around the top of it. So it looks like one continuous rope, but… It’s not!


I wonder if she’ll hang it at her house or the beach house??? hmmmm….


It would be fun for an Under the Sea party, too, Huh??? Just a little something different than the typical garland!


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Pretty Little Pouch Swap

Yep, I’ve caught the bug! Not just the horrible cold going around the country, but also the swap bug!


I was explaining the swap process to some friends the other day and they just had this look of, why??? You are given a partner that you can’t talk to, but you have to ‘stalk’. You follow along and comment on tons of pictures, giving your partner an idea of what you like and if also, just in case it’s something for you, you want the person to know how to make it just right for you. It can actually be a lot of time. But in the end, you get this package with a wonderful hand made piece inside! And usually a couple of extra goodies to go along with it! So I’m addicted!


This swap is called the Pretty Little Pouch Swap. My main pouch didn’t end up being very little… But I think it worked.


My partner didn’t comment on photos too much, but she did comment on one other person’s photo of a red, teal and blue process photo. And I jumped on it! I knew right then the color scheme! With a little white, grey and some hand stitching.


Then it was decided on the pattern and the pouch. I had just done a Herringbone Quilt Block from Stitched in Color and it’s just really cool. But it’s also really big! So I made everything 1/2 the size and ended up with two herringbone blocks, one for the front and one for the back.

Then I decided to use Noodlehead’s Open Wide Zipper Pouch, the large version! She has a lot of great pouch tutorials on her blog. very easy!


And of course, swaps always seem to have a little goodie to go with the main thing. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I’d been eyeballing this teeny tiny little pouch from Me Sew Crazy. It’s actually a Mini Moo Card holder, but I made it a little lotion holder. I love it, but I think I want to make it just a little bit bigger next time!


I also added a few fabric scraps from the fabrics used and a couple of tasty treats! I love how it looks like a swimming pool on the inside!


And of course, then I got mine!!! My secret partner was the wonderfully talented Suvarna. I was so excited! I’d been in love with this pleated pouch as I saw it popping up in the flickr pool.



And I got an open wide zipper pouch too! With a little pin cushion attached. And a needle book! I’ve always said I was going to make myself one and never have. I’ve already used them to cart my things back and forth to work at the quilt shop!



Soooo…. What do you think? Is the swap thing for you? Do you love them or hate them?


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And the Dear My Kids Winner is…..

I should say, And the Winners ARE….

I have to take a break from the news and sneak in an apology…. I should also say that this week I have been the worst blogger ever and I apologize! I got the bug…. I set this post up to post on Tuesday and I just realized that it didn’t post. And my Wednesday post, isn’t finished…. blah blah blah! I apologize! Ok, and back to the news at hand!


The winners of the Dear My Kids e-patterns are….

drumrollplease1 copy

Drum roll please…..

Winner #1 is #31, Staci!

Winner #2 is #36, Ajaire!

and Winner #3 is #56, Amy!

I have sent the winners emails, so keep an eye out! And to all the other readers, thank you so much for a very successful giveaway!!

The Sew Fab Sale, Coming to an End

It’s almost over!!! The e-pattern sale ends today! Originally it was supposed to end at 8 this morning, but it has been extended through midnight EST (that’s 9PM for us west coasters!) tonight!


Buy Now

For less than $25.00 you will have a library of resources that you can use over and over again.

You know that I sew for boys. Actually, one boy… And if you are like me, at first glance the bundle seems a bit on the girlie side. It does have some great girlie patterns, but It’s so worth it even if you don’t sew for girls! And it’s always good to have some girl patterns just in case you want to sew for friends or other family! I thought I’d show you some of my favorites from the bundle.


I  showed you the Banyan Tee I made the other day. Super easy! And it’s for sizes 18 months thru 9 years! Holy smokes! Think of how long you make this pattern…  And that seems to be the norm on these patterns, sizes to last for a really long time!


The next pattern I want to make is the Winter PJ’s! I’ve got the fabric all washed and ready to be cut, I just haven’t had time to do it yet. But it’s laying on my cutting table, in the way, so it will be cut soon!!


I’m also very curious to try the Banyan Trousers! They are a bit more detailed than I’m used to, but the directions make it look pretty easy.


There’s even a couple of patterns for the over 10 set! I want to try this Miss Mod Top pattern for me. I’m not sure how it will look for me, but why not give it a try. I’m even thinking maybe a sheer with a tank underneath???


Like I mentioned before, I don’t really sew for girls, but I’m totally in love with this Scirocco Pattern! It’s adorable! And very different from other girl dresses. I love the little twist in the back!


OK. who wouldn’t love this Sidekick Suitcase??? I want to make one for me to tote my sewing projects back and forth to work with me! And they’d also be cute stacked as toy storage in a kiddo’s room, wouldn’t they??

So check this out! If you only bought my favorite patterns you’d be spending $56.45 for 6 patterns. But today you can spend $24.95 and all my favorites plus 12 more patterns. Hello??? That’s awesome! For more details, in case you missed it, on the sale click here.

Click here to buy the bundle!

And there’s something for those of you who like things already made for you…. A Giveaway!!!

The giveaway is chock full of fun things, including a sewing machine cover made by Yours Truly….




You are not going to believe the prizes included in this giveaway! Can’t buy the bundle? It’s okay… purchase is not required to enter. Take a look at what you have the chance to win:

A Sewing Themed Box of Goodies from Pick Your Plum
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The latest release, Stitch Savvy, by Deborah Moebes
Sterling Silver Sewing Machine necklace from Ball and Chain on Etsy
$50 Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop
$50 Gift Certificate to fabricworm
A free online class from
The Scoop Tote Pattern from Green Bee Patterns
60 Custom Tags from Jennifer’s Jewels
Red Riding Hood Little Girl’s Satchel from Mee a Bee
Handmade Sewing Machine Cover from I’m Feeling Crafty


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The Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle Sale!

Sew Much Inspiration right at your finger tips…

only $24.95!

Get your bundle now!


The Banyan Tee by Figgy’s

ok, So have you gotten the Sew Fab e-pattern bundle yet? Yes, there’s a lot of girl patterns, but there are boy patterns there too! Including the Banyan Tee by Figgy’s.


Can I say super easy?? Yes, I can!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how excited I was yesterday when I got my double needle to work to do the knits! YEA!! It wasn’t much at all, but I’ve been scared of it for a while. All I did was add two spools to the spool and threaded them both through to the double needle and off we went! SO in that sense, and the fact that the shirt was so easy to make, it was a great day.


But here’s the flop… I hate the fabric I used. It’s so girly! I love the color. But the dots and the weight of the fabric are too girly. Hence the  reason the Kiddo is wearing it over a hoodie. The pattern calls for a pocket, but with this fabric, I didn’t like the pocket, so I left it off. I don’t know, would the pocket help it not be so girlie???


Ok, enough about the flop side of my sewing…. Back to the plus! I love the little sleeve detail! Love it! A little turned up sleeve!


The pattern actually has a version for boys and a version for girls. Check out how cute it is on Jessica’s (from Craftiness is Not Optional) little lady! (her little lady is absolutely adorable, but you have to go to her website to see the whole precious thing!!)


And on a slightly different subject, it seems like the 100th Day of School Celebration is taking over this year. I’ve never heard of it before this year, but now I’m seeing in on blogs and FB all over the place. We had to bring in 100 things in sets of 10. So we decided to make a garland of 100 squares in 10 different colors.


According to the teachers it was a hit! The kids pulled it out across the room. And 100 2 inch squares makes about a 17 foot garland. So it honestly did stretch across the whole room!


So even though I love the pattern, but am not in love with the fabric of the shirt, my son loved it and wouldn’t take it off. He wore it to school and even told his teachers that I made it for him! I’d call that a 10 percent flop, 90 percent WOOOHOOO!


Be sure to get your bundle of patterns before time runs out (super early Monday morning)! Click here to purchase yours today!


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A Valentine’s Printable for You

Amidst all the sewing this week, my son and I took some time out to be crafty! We are making Valentine’s!


Quilt inspired Valentine’s that is!

I was totally inspired by S.O.T.A.K. Handmade’s pixelated heart pillow. When I first saw it I thought I’d make a few for Valentine’s gifts, but then realized I might not make it in time…. So instead of sewing it, we decided to glue it!


Consider your self warned though…. If you use my printable you must cut a bunch of 1/4 inch squares. You may think, oh, these are small. Easy! Right? Easy yes, quick no! It took me much longer to cut out all the squares than I thought it would. But once you get them cut…. Fun times! My son decided to take a shower while I finished cutting the little squares and I was still cutting when he got back. I heard him (’cause he’s really loud! Are all 4 year olds this loud???) telling his Dad that he had to get back upstairs to make his Valentine. When he came back he was like, ‘WHAT???? you’re STILL cutting???’ Yes, dear….. I’m still cutting out little bitty, teeny, tiny squares!


But once the cutting was done, we were on our way to some super cool Valentine’s!


As we were starting, I was about to correct my son, yes, he’s 4, and get him to get all the little 1/4 inch squares of paper to align perfect in the grid. Then I breathed, because I can get a little OCD when it comes to details like this, and let him go! And I love how his turned out! Even if it doesn’t fit in the teeny tiny grid! HA!




And of course, he loved his role of acting SUPER excited to get mail! I also added a little heart glued to the outside of the envelope. You know I’m a sucker for the wrap around address labels or something, at least, added to the envelope too. So this year, instead of the address label, I’m adding the ‘coordinating’ heart on the outside!


Ready for the printable? I have a few versions!


If I scared you about cutting all those little pieces, you can download the card with it already colored in. With the grid, here. I think the grid gives it a little more of a quilt-y feel.

Or you can download the already colored in version without the grid, here.

And if you are a little on the OCD side like me, and are super excited about cutting all the little pieces, you can download the grid with the ‘gluing guidelines’, here!


Enjoy and Have a great Valentine’s Day!

New Contributer at Go To Sew!!

Yea! So much is going on this week! First the amazing e-pattern sale yesterday! And today, I get to share with you my newest position…


I’m now a monthly contributor at Go To Sew! Yea!!

I was so honored when Angela, the creator of all sorts of fantasticness in the sewing blogging and pattern world, asked me to be a contributor. I was like, um, YES YES YES!!!


And to start off my monthly posts, I’m sharing the  tutorial for The Stay Put Scarf!

Have you checked out Go To Sew yet? It’s the companion blog to Go To Patterns and showcases tutorials, sewing tips and awesome small shop designers patterns! She is also hosting challenges…. I can’t wait for that! Be sure to check it all out!