The Sew Fab Sale, Coming to an End

It’s almost over!!! The e-pattern sale ends today! Originally it was supposed to end at 8 this morning, but it has been extended through midnight EST (that’s 9PM for us west coasters!) tonight!


Buy Now

For less than $25.00 you will have a library of resources that you can use over and over again.

You know that I sew for boys. Actually, one boy… And if you are like me, at first glance the bundle seems a bit on the girlie side. It does have some great girlie patterns, but It’s so worth it even if you don’t sew for girls! And it’s always good to have some girl patterns just in case you want to sew for friends or other family! I thought I’d show you some of my favorites from the bundle.


I  showed you the Banyan Tee I made the other day. Super easy! And it’s for sizes 18 months thru 9 years! Holy smokes! Think of how long you make this pattern…  And that seems to be the norm on these patterns, sizes to last for a really long time!


The next pattern I want to make is the Winter PJ’s! I’ve got the fabric all washed and ready to be cut, I just haven’t had time to do it yet. But it’s laying on my cutting table, in the way, so it will be cut soon!!


I’m also very curious to try the Banyan Trousers! They are a bit more detailed than I’m used to, but the directions make it look pretty easy.


There’s even a couple of patterns for the over 10 set! I want to try this Miss Mod Top pattern for me. I’m not sure how it will look for me, but why not give it a try. I’m even thinking maybe a sheer with a tank underneath???


Like I mentioned before, I don’t really sew for girls, but I’m totally in love with this Scirocco Pattern! It’s adorable! And very different from other girl dresses. I love the little twist in the back!


OK. who wouldn’t love this Sidekick Suitcase??? I want to make one for me to tote my sewing projects back and forth to work with me! And they’d also be cute stacked as toy storage in a kiddo’s room, wouldn’t they??

So check this out! If you only bought my favorite patterns you’d be spending $56.45 for 6 patterns. But today you can spend $24.95 and all my favorites plus 12 more patterns. Hello??? That’s awesome! For more details, in case you missed it, on the sale click here.

Click here to buy the bundle!

And there’s something for those of you who like things already made for you…. A Giveaway!!!

The giveaway is chock full of fun things, including a sewing machine cover made by Yours Truly….




You are not going to believe the prizes included in this giveaway! Can’t buy the bundle? It’s okay… purchase is not required to enter. Take a look at what you have the chance to win:

A Sewing Themed Box of Goodies from Pick Your Plum
Fabulous Wristlet from Gussy Sews (not necessarily the one pictured)
The latest release, Stitch Savvy, by Deborah Moebes
Sterling Silver Sewing Machine necklace from Ball and Chain on Etsy
$50 Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop
$50 Gift Certificate to fabricworm
A free online class from
The Scoop Tote Pattern from Green Bee Patterns
60 Custom Tags from Jennifer’s Jewels
Red Riding Hood Little Girl’s Satchel from Mee a Bee
Handmade Sewing Machine Cover from I’m Feeling Crafty


Click here for

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle Sale!

Sew Much Inspiration right at your finger tips…

only $24.95!

Get your bundle now!



  1. Hi Louise – I’m spreading some Valentine’s day blogging love and you were on my list. I’m giving you a Liebster Award. I’m sure you have way more followers than this little blogging award requires but I couldn’t help myself. 😉

  2. Hi Louise, so nice to find your blog!!!! I love your creations!!!!
    This week one of your Art Works is listed as favourite on Sara Arts – “My Wish List” at site!!!!

    Invite your friends to vote for You!!!!!



  1. […] love wonky stars! In case you haven’t noticed… I did a tutorial, I made a sewing machine cover, I made a bulletin […]

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