I Joined a Quilting Bee!

Ah! A quilting bee! I remember back in the day when I thought quilting was for old ladies and had no idea what a quilting bee was. Boy am I eating my words now! Quilting is amazing. It’s not just for old ladies. Although, I feel like I’m getting there with the amount of grey hair on my head! And the quilting world is full of amazing, creative people! Doing amazing things!


here’s where the do. Good Stitches comes in! I follow a blog called Stitched in Color where I learned about do. Good Stitches. And if I understand correctly, Rachel (the creative lady behind Stitched in Color), started do. Good. I could be wrong about that, but… That’s actually not the point. The point is that do. Good Stitches is an online, modern quilting bee where we create quilts for those in need.


Once you join you’re grouped up with a group of Stitchers, those who make the blocks, and Quilters, who also make blocks, but also make the quilts!

So each month there is a different quilter. That quilter picks a quilt block and color scheme. We all make blocks and send them to the quilter. Melissa from Melissa Loves Color, started us off this year! The block she choose was the Herringbone Block from Rachel’s blog! Does it look familiar?? Like maybe I did it again for a pouch?! The color scheme was blues and greens, which I have a little bit of! So here’s my block!do_Good-Jan-ImFeelinCrafty

Then quilter puts all the blocks together and makes the quilt!


Our group is called the Nuture Group and we’re quilting for the group called My Very Own Blanket. My Very Own Blanket is here to make sure that all foster kids has at least one thing they can call their own, their very own quilt or blanket.


Look how beautiful this quilt turned out! All the quilt pictures are by Melissa via her blog!

February is my month! The blocks are the wonky star block. And I’ll be putting it together in March!!! Stay Tuned!

Would you like to join the bee? You can sign up for the wait list here!


  1. It’s so nice to donate your time and effort to this cause. The quilt is very beautiful. Event though it can’t replace living with your mom and dad, it will sure give some comfort. Great idea!

  2. Hi, I think you may be in America. Do you know of anything like this in Australia. Brisbane for preference. It’s such an inspiring idea.

  3. YOU? Joined a quilting bee? I never thought I would see that coming! LOL I love the quilt you have in the post so much! Just lovely, but heck, then again, all of your quilts are amazing! I would love to make a long neck pillow for our dog Nikita so she can lay her head on it at the foot of the bed. I would love to have a bunch of Z’s (zzzzzzzzz) on the pillow for some fun. Wouldn’t that be cute?

  4. such a great idea! this is quite the bee from what i understand and I keep thinking of joining and then i get scared so I don’t… maybe i should just do it!

    the quilt you guys made is amazing! i think it rocks! well done!

  5. Love the herringbone quilt, and what?! You are making a STAR quilt next? Can you show it at the guild event?? February was my month in my circle too – making a hst quilt – my first. We’ll have to compare notes!


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  3. […] I Joined a Quilting Bee! (feelincrafty.wordpress.com) […]

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