Wonky Stars!

I love wonky stars! In case you haven’t noticed… I did a tutorial, I made a sewing machine cover, I made a bulletin board


And now I’m making a quilt! My month for the do. Good Stitches was February. I had everyone try their hand at the wonky stars last month and then this month I put them all together!


Loving seeing them all showing up in my mailbox. I even bought some yardage of white felt to make my own inspiration board to start laying them out and getting the quilt designed! There’s a few days left for them to keep coming and then I’ll put them all together!!



  1. What I wouldn’t give to watch you sew one day! I am amazed on how you can sew a star with tiny points like that, and still have it look like a star! LOL I know that if I tried to sew something like that, it would not look anything like a star. (maybe I can just blame it all on my old sewing machine, eh?) Seriously, you are fabulous and should be told this each and every day! Have a nice day sweets! 🙂

  2. Very Cool!!!!!

  3. The wonkies are so cute. Looking forward to seeing the whole dang quilt, too!


  1. […] wanted to lay out the star quilt  with the wonky stars I’m doing for the do. Good Stitches group. My son was home and being […]

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