Dressing the Dolls!

As you all know, I have a son. No girls. I’ve made some fun toys, but we don’t have “dolls” at our house. Stuffies, now that’s a different story! But Dolls, not so much!


But we have a bunch of girlfriends and they all love the American Girl dolls. And the American Girl and 18″ dolls are, as I’ve found out, are extremely popular. And of course, what girlie doll doesn’t need new clothes?


Our friend K just had a birthday and she got tons of clothes for her doll, including some from us!

I decided to go with a dress up outfit and a casual look. (Can you tell I’ve been watching too much Project Runway episodes??)


I’ll show you the casual look first! We started with these upcycled Hello Kitty prints with coordinating solids. I know, it doesn’t look like it, but the actually Hello Kitty is orange and matches the orange solid perfectly. Not sure what happened in the pictures. I’m also not sure who the Hello Puppy is, but it’s cute and it looks like Hello Kitty! Or is it a kitty? I don’t even know! Anyone??


I used the free Liberty Jane Trendy T-shirt pattern for the shirt and I made the skirt up as I sent along! I was kinda loosing steam when I got to the skirt and I didn’t finish the hem. I don’t recommend it, I like the finished hem better. Next time!


And now the outfit that I’m in LOVE with! I even woke my husband up to show him how cute the little dress turned out!


This used the pattern for the Trendy Tank dress, but just made it longer and added the ruffle along the bottom. How cute is the ruffle???


I LOVE the pink silk dress! DO you remember when I made a similar cape??? Last year I made a cape for K, this year her doll got a coordinating one!


The cape pattern I made myself as well. Hopefully I can get a tutorial together here soon and I’ll share with you!


So what do you think about my first try at doll clothes??? It’s so much fun! We have more girl friends birthdays coming up so I might be making more… Do you have any favorite patterns?

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  1. Lorraine says:

    LOVE IT!!!! We’ll have to bring Mckenna over for some dress up! xo

  2. Making doll clothes is great therapy especially when the males outnumber the females. A really cool Christmas idea, one I did in my Camp Fire Girls days, was to get a doll & make her a wardrobe. Then donate the doll & her clothes thru a church/Salvation Army/other organizations.

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