Goodbye Google Reader, Hello Blog Lovin’ and Feedly

How do you follow blogs? I follow by email… Which really fills up my inbox, for sure. No clue how many blogs I actually follow! But I know most people follow through RSS feed and readers, like Google Reader…

I don’t know why, but readers have always confused me! I can do a lot online and with my blog. But for some reason, it’s just been easier for me to follow by email.


I’m sure you’ve seen that Google Reader, one of the biggest online readers is going away as of July 1st. But I do hope that if you do follow this blog via Google Reader that you are finding a new reader that you can keep track of my craziness! The two readers that I’ve been seeing the most of lately is Bloglovin’ and Feedly.


I seem to prefer bloglovin’. To me, who like I said, finds these readers a bit confusing, this one is super easy to set up and get going. When I set up my account, the blogs I do follow in Google were right there.

And then the other one that most people seem to like is Feedly. But to me, it was more confusing…. But to those of you out there up on the whole reader thing, it might be perfectly clear!

Good Luck finding a new reader, but remember to follow me in whichever one you end up with!

There are new buttons to both of these readers in the Follow me section on the right hand side.


Thanks again for reading my blog!


  1. that’s great advice, i wondered about bloglovin as it’s hard to keep us sometimes with all the blogs, I will look into it. thanks for sharing. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I don’t like readers…I don’t like bloglovin ( but do follow a few blogs who don’t offer anything else!) but I follow you by email so I’m not going anywhere! Very true that the inbox fills up fast!

  3. Kelly Wilbur says:

    I’ve always used bloglovin,. I like how I can “like” a post and then it’s in my archives forever when I want to find it.

  4. I know it seems like there is a huge migration to bloglovin’ but I’m not lovin’ it either…so far I’m using the WordPress Reader but I think I’m still going through Google withdrawal because I’d gotten so used to it…

  5. Oh dear… I keep forgetting I have to deal with the fact that Google Reader is going away soon!! Thank you for this post – I’m going to check out your recommendations! : )

  6. wow, you follow by EMAIL? that would really fill up my inbox and intimidate me!

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