Hello, My Name Is…

The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild is getting more and more organized! I’ve been a member for the last few years, but haven’t been very involved. As in in the last few years, I’ve been to about 3 sew-ins. Over the last few years that I’ve been involved, the main thing that the group did was the sew-ins. But this year we’ve become a true guild! With monthly meetings and monthly challenges!


A couple of months ago, the challenge was to make a nametag. I somehow missed the challenge announcement, then forgot about it for a month. So, I finally threw it together in time for last week’s meeting.

I had been working on my do. Good quilt and made my stars. Then put them together with the other stars and realized my white fabric was really a cream fabric! So I redid my blocks and ended up with 2 extra wonky stars. Ah, Ha! Perfect for my name tag! I was supposed to incorporate our logo into the nametag, but couldn’t figure out where to add it. Do you think I should? Here are a few ideas I thought about…


Or do I just leave it as it is?

It’s kinda big…. The size was determined based on the size of the star, so it is what is it with that.


Sooooo… Hello, my name is Louise!


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  1. I personally think that your name tag is perfect.

  2. Does is HAVE to be a rectangle? Can you cut it into a pendent shape to whittle down the size just a little. If not, tuck the guild name into a corner, maybe the lower righthand corner, so that the bottom of the letters reach from side to side. . . oh what is that word? Kitty corner, that’s it.
    Hope your recovery is coming along well. You are a lot braver than I am or feel. Good for you!


  1. […] of the stars. So I redid my stars, which left me with some extra stars. One ended up being my SMQG name tag. The other ended up on the […]

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