KCW Day 1- Popsicle PJ’s!

It’s hard for me to call this Kids Clothes Week and not Kids Clothes Week Challenge! I’ll get used to the name change soon!


This week I’ll be sharing a lot of patterns. I rarely buy patterns, but recently there have been some great deals and some great pattern out there! And I haven’t had a chance to really get into them until now. So, ready? First up is the summer PJ’s pattern by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.


The pattern was pretty easy. OK, very easy. But I had a few missteps, so what should have maybe taken an hour, took more like three! There is a note in the directions that says to use a 1/2 seam allowance. But honestly, is there really a seam allowance? I don’t think so. So I got hung up on that for a while.


And then…. My double needle… I had some issues. My machine technically isn’t set up for a double needle, so I kinda rig it to work. And it does for a while, then the threads start to knot and break. And as the top threads are starting to fail then the bobbin does some weird jump thing and the stitching would jump… So don’t look to hard at my stitches up above….


All this was driving me insane! It was driving me nuts re-threading my machine over and over, so I started wondering a bit about what my machine could really do. After a little manual reading I found out that there was this one stretch stitch that kinda looks like a serger, and it worked great!


So I finally figured it out. Use this stitch for putting the knits together and the double needle rig for topstitching!


The shoulders do this weird kinda stand up thing. Which is part of the pattern. And I think it’s part of my adding a 1/2 seam allowance when there really wasn’t meant to be one… (as far as I can tell from the pictures in the pattern).


Another problem with my seam allowances is that the neck hole got a little small. We got it on, but my son was like, ‘I hope this comes off and I don’t have to wear it forever and ever!’ It came off easier than it went on! Also, the placement of the popsicles on the shorts was a bit of an oversight on my part!


He loves the popsicles! I thought that they were going to be red, but they ended up being pink, not so BOY-ish,  so hence the boy popsicle PJ’s and not a shirt or something. The fabric is not my most favorite fabric from my Banberry Place order, but….  It’s also super soft on the inside. Almost a little fleecy feeling, so it’s perfect for PJ’s.

KCWC-1-PJ's-BowWow-I'mFeelinCraftyThe photo shoot ended with a chat with Bow Wow, who I guess wanted to go with us to Gymnastics and the fabric store today, but stayed home instead.


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