KCW Day 4 and 5- A Foxy Little Skirt

Ok, so here’s a scenario for you:

It’s Kids Clothes Week and you have a schedule.

It’s 11 pm. You neighbor calls and needs you to babysit while they go to the hospital.

What do you do? FoxSkirt-Main-ImFeelinCrafty

A. Say, sorry, I have to sew it’s KCW…

B. Say, forget it KCW, I have to go help my friend.


C. Say, I’ll be right over, throw your project in a bag, grab your sewing machine and run out the door.

If you choose C, you and I would be great pals! That’s what I did! But as I was getting set up to work I realized I for got a few things. Like my cutting mat and iron.. So I was able to get some things done, but not actually finish. I got an hour of work in, which is the actual challenge. One hour of sewing a day. But this project overlapped for two days.


But isn’t is ADORABLE??? Remember my Foxy Sewing Machine Cover from a few weeks back? Well, a neighbor saw it and loved it, so it gave me the idea to turn it into a skirt for her kiddo!


Again, I used the precious little Lil’ Fox pattern by Artisania. And then I lined the back of it. I basically sewed the front and back right sides together with the rest of the skirt sandwiched in between. I really didn’t want all those seams from the piecing of the fox to show!


Then I added used French Seams to finish the skirt ends. I’m sure there’s a better was to finish the bottoms of the seams, but if there is, I don’t know what it is! I didn’t want any exposed edges.


I basically made it like curtains. You measure the width of the window and double it. For this I took the waist measurement and doubled it. For 3T the typical waist dimension is for the elastic is to use 20″ or so. SO I made the skirt 2 really long rectangles, 42 inches long. That’s it. Just two long rectangles!


I rarely sew for girls, but this was so exciting and fun. I think it’s just great. I kinda want to keep it. But I also can’t wait to give it away!

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  1. I’d choose option c too! Hard to explain to non sewing friends that I have to sew for Kcw so can’t meet for coffee etc

  2. haha! Just like curtains…I love it! Looks gorgeous! Great colours and super cute fox. Do you want to move next door to me?? 😉

  3. When my mom was growing up and those before her; their moms made all their cloths for them. They were good and they lasted for the next sibling in line. If my mom even thought about getting the sewing machine out, I would dive to the floor screaming. No way was I going to be the kid not wearing the hottest designs off the shelf!!

    You make me want to go back in time to when my kids were young and sew everything they put on their bodies!! Your enthusiasm and ideas are a breath of fresh air in a time when everything is store bought.

    Don’t you dare stop!! xxx

  4. love this!!

  5. It is very cute. Nice use of the pattern, great colors.

  6. I absolutely love the way your skirt turned out! your friend is so lucky.
    what is the name of the solid blue fabric you used? It’s fantastic. thx! 🙂

  7. What an adorable foxy skirt! I LOVE it!

  8. such a cute skirt, wonder what it would look like in my size?

  9. This fox is adorable and so is your skirt. I`m going to try to apply your one hour a day committment, it seems to be working for exercise, but at the expense of sewing…

  10. Very cute! I had liked (and pinned) your sewing machine cover because of the fox and the colours, but I don’t need a cover – this gives me an idea of something else to try!

  11. This is ADORABLE. My goodness, it looks like it could be on the racks at Gymboree. I adore every little detail you added. Pure sweetness.

  12. Oh my I saw this in the KCW flickr group and am blown away by it – so very gorgeous, my girls are 5 and 8 and not keen no skirts but this might just convert them! I’m sure it will be well loved by the recipient.

  13. Oh that is so adorable!! What is the birch tree fabric you have used? I love it!

  14. I didn’t know you had a blog! You’re a good friend for coming over at 11 pm!!

  15. This is sooo gorgeous. Love the colors and that adorable little fox!

  16. That’s gorgeous, just as all of your KCW creations have been. Your kids (and friends) are so blessed to have such a talented creative person around!

  17. navywifeypeters says:

    Cute skirt! I love that little fox! And C was the best option. 🙂

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party


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