Quilting for Boston

The recent events in Boston are absolutely horrible and I do not have a clue how people can do these types of things to others. In any case, the quilting community is coming together to show that despite the hatred in our world, there is still love, too. The love part just doesn’t get as much TV news press. I guess it’s not as ‘exciting’ for the press. Ok, if you can’t tell, I have an opinion, but I’ll keep the rest of it to myself since I’m supposed to be sharing the love here in this post!

To Boston With Love

I’ve participated in two projects for the Boston area! The first one is the To Boston with Love project. This project was started by the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild as a collaborative effort of quilters ‘to bring peace and love from far and wide.’ The idea is, in my words, to give Boston a hug. To let them know that the world is thinking of them!

The flags will be exhibited by The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston from May 23-June 16, 2013!


My flag didn’t turn out quite the way I had envisioned it. I wanted it to be a little improv and not perfect. And it did turn out that way, I just had it looking different in my head!


I went with the blue and yellow color scheme from my next project, Quilts for Boston project. More about that shortly!


This project became a little impromptu project for our quilt guild. We had a few participatns and a bunch of really great flags!  I wasn’t able to be at the meeting, so I’m not sure who all else participated. Once I find out names, I’ll add the credits for the flags!

Quilts for Boston

And then I also participated in the Quilts for Boston call for quilt blocks from the Boston Modern Quilt Guild. In the aftermath the guild was looking for a way to help those that had been directly affected by the bombing. They decided to make quilts and are looking for blocks and donations of fabric for the backs and bindings, etc.


For this project you have until May 24th, 2013 to get your blocks to the guild. All the information, size, colors and address are all listed on their blog here.


Personally, I love the colors! I can’t wait to see the finished quilts!


See… I really do love the colors! Inadvertently, (no, I wasn’t planning a blogging photo-shoot when I bought this cutting mat) I just bought a new cutting mat that just happens to be blue and yellow!


  1. I love this! I love that you are doing something tangible that others can actually see and touch. The folks in Boston will know you care and are using your talents to show them love.
    Way to go!

  2. Sweet little flag – did you ever see yours in any of the pics?

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