A Bendable Bright Light for You and Me! A Giveaway!

So recently I have found a couple of new favorite sewing tools! And today I can’t wait to share with you something I received recently from our new sponsor, Sewing Parts Online! The Dreamworld Bendable Bright Sewing Light!


My sewing studio is in a windowless room in our downstairs (which is technically a day-lit basement, but I like to call it our downstairs!). It’s pretty bright when all the lights are on, but the shadows from the lights, etc, make the space under my machine kinda dark. So when I was contacted by Sewing Parts Online, to try out their new product, the Bendable Bright Light, I didn’t think twice and said, ‘Oh, Yeah!’


So this is what my machine area looked like before the light!


And this is what it looks like now!


So some of you might not understand what I am about to explain, but bear with me… I live in Seattle, right? It’s pretty grey here most of the year, right? So when the some first comes out in the Spring, we don’t really know what to do! Who knows what we did with our sunglasses since the list time the sun was out! So we kinda wander around squinting for a while…. And that’s kinda what I did when I plugged in my light for the first time! It’s so bright and wonderful!


The light comes with a little ‘stand’ you could call it that sticks to your machine. You can take the light out if you need to move your machine, etc.


The only thing that some people might not like is that it has to plug in. To me, this isn’t an issue. For one, I don’t have to worry about batteries. And I have a plug right next to my machine that it can plug into and the cord won’t get in the way of sewing. It does also come with six removable adhesive clips to hold the wire out of the way.


The light is perfect for sewing! But it’s also flexible so that you can move it around for when you are seam ripping (which doesn’t happen often at my house! HA! just kidding!) or when you are threading a needle. And of course, you can use it for anything. Woodworking. Trying to read the fine print. Since I’m sitting at the beach, making fishing lures comes to mind! Not that I make those, but you might!  It doesn’t have to just be for sewing! But of course, that’s what I’m going to use it for!

And guess what?? Sewing Parts Online is offering one for one lucky winner!!

Ready to WIN? You have FIVE ways to enter! And come back and leave a separate comment on this post for each entry!

1. Visit the Sewing Parts Online website and sign up for their once a week newsletter with fun instructional videos and project tutorials!! Leave one comment. (one entry)

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5. Share the giveaway on your blog, FB page, or tweet about. Leave one comment. (one entry)

That’s 5 possible entries! You must comment on this post to win. Open to both US and International readers. The giveaway will close on Friday, May 27th at 11.59 PST, and we’ll choose one winner using Random.org.

I have been compensated with either payment or product for this post. All opinions are my own, honest opinons!

Thank you Sewing Parts Online!


  1. Brittney Gossard says:

    I just became a fan of Sewing Parts Online on FB 🙂

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    I’m a fan of yours on FB!

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  4. Looks like a great item! I follow your blog!

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  6. And I just became a FB follower of Sewing Parts Online. Thanks!

  7. Margaret Cureton says:

    Lovely giveaway- signed up for the Sewing Parts Online newsletter

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    I really like that thread drawer at Sewing Parts online, I already subscribe to their news letter.

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    LOL Already a Feelin crafty follower on FB too.

  14. This looks a great light!
    I follow you!

  15. I need this! Thanks for the giveaway. I follow your blog.

  16. aprilshowers says:

    This looks great! I sew in my dining room and the chandelier doesn’t really give off enough light for the job. Just subscribed to Sewing Parts Online’s newsletter

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    Follow Sewing Parts Online on FB.

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  20. Lori Morton says:

    I signed up for the Sewing Parts Online Newsletter….headin’ back over to peruse longer, after I do these entries! lol

    Looooove the light! Pluggin’ it in isn’t an issue for me either….think that’s even Better idea!!! 🙂

  21. Lori Morton says:

    I follow your Blog thru Bloglovin’! 🙂
    (thanks for these chances too, for us that don’t do FB, Twitter & all….greatly appreciate it!)

  22. Light looks handy!

  23. fab idea and great giveaway too. xxxxx

  24. Amy's Crafty Shenanigans says:

    Yay I am one of your followers via email 🙂 Looks like a brilliant light!

  25. My Mom has one of these and it DOES make a difference! I want one too!!! I’m a follower of yours!

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  30. Donna Toback says:

    Love Sewing Parts Online and I tell all my sewing friend, but I would love to light up my sewing machine area with a light like this…..

  31. Jacqueline says:

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    I follow your blog already (on a different email address because I can’t remember my wordpress password)

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  39. I have purchased items from Sewing Parts! I think my Pfaff would look stylin with one of those cool lights!

  40. Sure would come in handy!

  41. Christine says:

    I would so love to win this wonderful prize. There never seems to be enough light for sewing. Especially after many hours of sewing..

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  54. The light looks like the perfect solution for someone like me! I do a lot of close work and really need to get my glasses upgraded! Love your blog and look forward to seeing what is happening next. I am working up the courage to start my own blog one day soon. I live in Australia!

  55. I liked you on sewing parts online, get the newsletters and really like this light!

  56. carolinelarnach says:

    I just found your blog, as a recommendation on WordPress, where I blog about sewing in Auckland, New Zealand. Thank you for this offer and for writing such a great description of the how the light works.

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