Star Quilt Show by the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild

I’m not exactly what sure what happened to Friday’s post. I missed it. And I didn’t make it up… Instead I headed to Vashon Island and the Island Quilter to see the opening night of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s Star Show!


As we were there looking around, my son said, ‘Hey, every one of these quilts has a star in it!’ Observant little fella that kid!


I included my star quilt that I made with the help of my do. Good Stitches group. I knew the show was coming up, but I had resigned myself to not participating because I didn’t have a star quilt and I didn’t have time to make another one. Then my friend Debbie from A Quilters Table, who is also in another group of the do. Good family, pointed out that I DO have a star quilt to enter! Hello!  I do! I ran it by the group and didn’t get any opposition, so in the show it went!


One of the families favorites was this one by Ara Jane Olufson.


The main quilt it the front window was also AMAZING! I loved it! Refresh by Anna Boenish.


Top: Starry Eyed by Megan Riley, Middle left: Traveling Stars by Amber Arnold, Middle Right: Summer Stars by Vicki Christensen, Bottom left: no tag and Bottom Right: Lone Star by Season Evans.


Another one of my favorites is Elliot’s Quilt by Amy Kilian. I sat by her at a guild meeting not long ago while she was working on this and I fell in love! All the nad stitching is fantastic. From afar it looks kinda like a grey quilt with yellow binding. But once you zoom in a bit closer, you see all the hand details, time and love that went into it!


In one corner there seemed to be a teal theme going on! Left: Echo Star by Blair Stocker, Top Right: no tag and Bottom Right: Seeing Stars by Katie Pederson. And that little one in the bottom right didn’t have a tag either!



Top left: Stars for Robert by Meaghan Quinlin, Top RIght: Auspicious Sky by Debbi , Middle Left: A Tidal Pool of Starfish by Kirsten Ballou, Middle Right: detail from the bottom quilt, Bottom: Seattle Star by Katie Pederson. I’ve had Katie’s Seattle Star in my flickr favorites for quilte some time. It was lovely to actually see it in person and to see all the amazing quilting!


The last one I wanted to show you is this one with the bird! Stealing Stars by Carrie Franklin. How cool! The detail is amazing. There are tiny little pieces! I just love the bird! As with most of my indoor quilt photography, this didn’t turn out as beautiful as it is!


And of course, it’s always nice to see people checking ours out! I hope they are saying nice things!! 🙂

And that’s pretty much it! It was a great show! Thank you Island Quilter and the Seattle Modern Quilting Guild for an awesome show!



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  1. WOW! I would have loved to have gone with you to this quilt show! What an amazing display of beautiful quilted art. I love running my fingers over all of the stitches and I always say to myself “that had to take a lot of time to do”, but I look on in amazement. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  2. What a fun post! And you helped me label some of the quilts I just put in the flickr group! It was great seeing you Friday night, meeting your family, and showing off our quilts together!

  3. J MULLINS says:

    excellent! I have to tell you that Lois gave me some blueberries from her yard! AND I have loved a bit of your sweet fruit dip with them!!!! Thanks! mom

    Jenny Jenny Mullins, Independent MARY KAY Sales Director 251-626-1686 Daphne, AL 36526-4033


  4. Seeing as we have all watched your wonkie stars take shape, I’m kind of biased, but since I suffer greatly from headaches/migraines daily I have to say I really like Summer Stars by Vicki Christensen. The soft cool colours are really pleasing to my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I love your wonkie stars!!! That would be a Dinningroom or livingroom tapestry but Vicki’s would have to go in my bedroom on the wall.

    xxxx Laura

  5. Thank you for writing up such a lovely post Louise. The yellow/gray string star on the aqua background I believe is Sue Mariotti’s. I may get mine in late if I can finish binding and sleeving by tomorrow!


  1. […] when our guild has a show, there’s a theme… Like the star show and the binary show…. But not this […]

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