The Rose Quilt

Man, I keep saying I’m going to sew clothes for me and the kiddo, but what keeps emerging from the sewing machine are quilts!


Here’s another one! This one a friend asked me to make for her and her co-workers to give to their boss as a baby present. Her requests were an under-the-sea creature fabric, blues and greens and the baby’s name on it.


As soon as she said she wanted the name on it, I knew I wanted do to the name just like this! I have never quilted words before and Was excited to give it a try! And once I knew the fabric we were using I made sure to fuzzy cut the anilamls into the letters. I am very excited about how the name turned out.


I was a bit worried about finding the fabric, honestly. Everything I kept finding just wasn’t exactly what we wanted. I didn’t want to order online, because she needed it NOW. And I wanted it to be something I liked too, since I was going to be sewing it. Online I kept finding things I liked, but they weren’t the right colors or the creatures just weren’t right. Or I would find cheesy. Um, nope! And then I found this! Local. We both loved it!


The sea creatures inspired the quilting. The design I came up with had some large blocks that I knew would need some quilting on the inside of the blocks. I quilted around the animals for the bit of quilting needed inside the large blocks.


I debated and debated about the color of the letters. My husband didn’t think they stood out enough. But I didn’t want them to stand out any more than they do. So I was content, until I started second guessing myself. In the end I kept it the way it was and perfectly please with the decision!


And my friend was in love! Whenever I make something for someone and go off in my own direction, I always worry if they will like it or not. So, needless to say, seeing her excitement put me at ease!