Modernista Homemade Swap- Again!

Another swap. I’m addicted. What can I say?? And after this one, even more so!


This round of the Modernista Homemade Swap was for the bedroom. Each round has been for a different room in the house, the dining room, kitchen, sewing room, living room. My partner wanted pillowcases for her main item and a fabric storage box or bowl was her idea for the little item. Her colors were bright and she’s seems to be a bit like me with her love of bright greens and blues! Yea!


So I made the pillowcases. Remember these? You can get the whole French seam pillowcase tutorial here.


Then…. My lovely sponsor and blogging pal, Michele from Michele Made Me, made these exquisite fabric bowls on her blog with a wonderful tutorial (huge round of applause from me right here) to go along with it. As soon as I saw the bowl, I knew I had to make it for my partner!




There’s some machine sewing and some hand sewing. I used to say I don’t hand sew anything. I now stand corrected. I LOVE hand sewing. Why switch after all these years??? I just realized I can take it with me! Hello! Looooove it! (If you watch Dragon Tales, I am sure you can here Weesie singing LOOOOVE it!)


The bowl is super easy to make. You’ve got to try it. Can you tell I like it? I only took a hundred pictures of it! I think everyone is getting one from me for Christmas! 🙂 shhhh…. Actually, both of these projects were easy and addictive!

And on to what I received!!


This is one of my favorite pictures from my wedding. And it’s also the picture I gave to my secret partner as a color inspiration board.


I was a bit surprised to open the package! Actually a LOT surprised! Talk about secret! My partner, Graycefulily, didn’t post any progress pictures on the flickr group so I was not expecting this. It’s perfect!


I said I wanted a pillow cover or something for my room. And for my little I needed a little glasses case! Love them both! And I love my little extra goodies too! And now I’m inspired to start working on my husband’s Christmas present quilt that I was supposed to have done by now!


The quilting on my pillow cover is very cool! And I love that she threw in a little hand stitching.

Now you can probably tell why I’m addicted to these things!


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Makin’ Glue Shirts

I have a little problem with magazines! I kinda hoard them… And then end up with piles of them around the house. Luckily, the house isn’t laid out as a magazine stack maze, quite yet… But every now and then I zoom through the piles. I saw this glue project in one of my Better Homes and Gardens magazines  (but I can’t find it online) not too long ago! It looked like a perfect summer time project to do with the kiddo!


We thought we’d make the shirts, but weren’t sure what designs to make. We decided to use some of my son’s drawings to copy on the shirts.


So we got our t-shirts, glue (excuse my sad looking bottle of glue! The lid broke and it was the only bottle of glue we had! I used plain ‘ole Elmer’s washable glue), cardboard to put inside the shirt, fabric paint and paintbrushes!


And off we went to start gluing. If you try this, keep in mind the glue will probably run together…



It started off not running, but after a while, some parts of the glue ran into each other.


We got it going and then realized we needed to wait for the glue to dry… hmmm… We walked the dog… We cleaned the house… We ate dinner… Then we couldn’t wait any longer and got to painting even though the glue wasn’t completely dry, but it was pretty dry around the edges!


We watered down the fabric paint until it was almost like watercolors. Not sure if we needed to water it down as much as we did. When we went back to do a second coat, it ran a little past the glue.



Since they were watered down, the paints blended pretty cool!

Then we played the waiting game again…. The paints say to wait 72 hours before washing! 72 hours??? Do you know how long 72 hours is to a 4 year old? It’s like 100 years! After the kiddo asked, every hour, has it been 72 hours yet, we decided to pick one shirt as our washing guinea pig. And of course, the kiddo chose mine, not his, to use to see if it worked! And it worked!


gif creator at
gif maker

And then we washed the kiddos shirt!
make a gif
make a gif

Now my son wasn’t quite as happy with his shirt as I was with mine. So our lesson learned was to not use a very complicated design.


Originally, my son’s drawing was off a monster on a skateboard. But he decided his shirt need a little more and we got out the fabric markers and he added more to the glue design to look more like his picture. And of course, what monster doesn’t love lightening? So lightening was added!

What would your design be? do you think we copied our designs pretty well? I think they look pretty much like the original design drawings!



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A Christmas Pot Holder Tutorial Guest Post

Who doesn’t need a pot holder? Especially with all the holiday baking?? mmmm! I can’t wait!


Click on over to Stash’s blog for the last tutorial in our Christmas in July series to find out how simple the pot holder is to make!

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Quilt Blocks for Causes

I’ve been making a few quilt blocks lately! So the first few started from this adorable little package of fabric squares from Clothworks Organic Line.


Clothworks gave our Seattle Modern Quilt Guild the little bundles to make a modern blocks for a quilt that we would then donate to a good cause.


I ended up making three! This grey one is my favorite! THey were all spur of the moment, no real planning. I stacked them all together, cut about an inch off the side and then reassembled them!


Second came the blue one. Not my favorite.


And lastly the teal one. I like this one, but not quite as much as the grey one!


The reveal was amazing. At our last guild meeting everyone showed off their blocks and we put them all together. There was some fantastic blocks!!!

Once that was complete, I moved on to my next project. Just One Slab for Alberta. But I made two.


I admit I don’t watch much news. It started when I was pregnant. I’d get so upset by the news, I kinda quit listening. And I got used to it. So needless to say, I didn’t actually know about the devastating floods in Alberta. Then I found out about Cheryl’s call for quilters to make blocks to give to those who lost everything in the floods. I couldn’t say no!


I only used scraps. The first one I made was the pink one. I used a bunch of little scraps. And it took a while!


So for my next one, the green one, I used larger scraps. And it didn’t take as long and I love it!


If you’d like to make one for the Just One Slab, it’s super quick and she’s requesting them by the end of this month. So quit reading and start going through those scraps and sewing them together! I can’t wait to see all the blocks together!


KCW- More Overalls!

I know, Kids Clothes Week is technically over…. But I’m still going!


Another pair of overalls! Yep!


This time the boy version. A real version!

It’s pretty much exactly like the version I did yesterday. I’m still working on the kinks in the pattern and pattern directions. I’m thinking I’m going to learn how to make patterns! This is totally inspiring me to go for it!


This is the real pair that I’ve made for my friend’s son’s adoption on Thursday. So first, I’m crossing my fingers it gets there before Thursday! And secondly, since they are about 3000 miles away, I’m crossing my fingers it fits!! Ahh!!


And since it’s the real thing, I actually did all the top stitching and finishing of the seams, etc!

Originally I had the fabric picked out to be this super thin, bright green corduroy. Then realized that it’s hot in Florida about this time of year. SO I changed to just a bright green cotton with an owl accent fabric. Then last minute, with the husband’s help, we totally switched to blue and brown star fabric! I’m thinking it was a good choice!


OK, I’m taking a break from overalls for a couple of days!

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KCW- New Overalls

In a way I wasn’t as productive this season. In the sense that I didn’t get 5 to 7 garments made. But in the sense that I designed a pair of overalls for my friends son and got the practice pair made, I was successful!


I was supposed to do this last season of KCW. But I procrastinated… These are supposed to be for my friends son’s adoption and there’s nothing like a deadline to get me to finish something! So I’m cramming now!


I made the pattern. I got a pair of 18 month overalls as a starting point and then created my own pattern. Then I tried to make it! And realized I had forgotten a few pattern pieces here and there and made those on the fly. And of course the pattern wasn’t perfect the first time around, so there was some tweaking!


This is my ‘muslin’ pair. I was actually out of muslin and had this huge duvet cover that I had bought for fabric at Goodwill some time ago. And it ended up being perfect with the two coordinating fabrics!


I added a couple of pockets here and there….


With this pair I didn’t do all the topstitching I typically would. Just trying it out! And there were a pieces places I forgot to do something and added later, so you see extra stitching…


Here’s full back view! I wanted the waistband to come all the way around to the back. Technically, it doesn’t really do anything since I added the elastic waist. But I like it and I’m going to keep it!

So now I’m about to make the ‘real’ version to mail out tomorrow! And I’m crossing my fingers it fits! I don’t have an 18 month model at my fingertips!

I’m considering drafting this in multiple sizes and listing it for sale. What do you think? Worth the trouble? Would you be interested? It will be my first foray into pattern making…

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I don’t have much to show for the work I’ve been doing, but I thought I’d give you an update and let you know I’m still working!


And, man, I feel like I am thinking this into the ground…. Cutting and sewing tomorrow! More soon!

KCW- Day 1- Fire Shorts!

Yep, it’s that time of year again! Another round of Kids Clothes Week! Fair warning though… This round I’m not making one thing a day and blogging about it each day! I will work every day, but I don’t think I’ll be finishing a different project each day! Ok, with that said, here’s Day 1-



The Fire Shorts!



To start, this fabric is not something I’d pick out myself! My son has been asking about this fabric at the quilt shops for months. Then finally I broke down. I figured if he’s been asking for the  same thing for this long, maybe he really wants it… I asked him what he wanted to do with the fabric and he immediately said, shorts!



Then he asked every day, why I hadn’t made his shorts yet. One day I told him I had to do something, I forget what it was, but he responded, ‘You did that, but you didn’t have to do it. You could have made them!’


Either way, they were made and he loves them. He’s actually worn them two days in a row.


The shorts are patterned the same way I did the comfy pants. Instead of an elastic pocket, I used wide black elastic and left it exposed as the waistband. I knew I had to add something to break up the flames, so that’s where the black pockets and black hem came into the design! The kiddo actually requested no ‘cuff’, so I made a large ‘hem’ instead.


I asked him if they were worth the wait and he totally agreed that it was! I love having a happy kid wearing the clothes that I make for him!

And the Winner Is….

A Huge Thank you to Kate from See Kate Sew for her pattern giveaway! Remember, she’s giving away 2 PDF patterns:


The Aspen Dress and the Surfer Slacks SurferSlacks2

to our lucky winner….


Comment #30 is Carla G!


Thanks again, Kate!

It’s Christmas in July with a Quilt Block Tutorial

I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I work at a fabric shop, right? Well, we’re celebrating Christmas a little early this year. It’s Christmas in July at Stash and everyone is making a block! I decided to make a Christmas Tree block!


It’s not a complicated block at all, would you like to try to it? Click on over to Stash for the whole tutorial!


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