Another do Good Stitches Quilt!

Our Nurture group is moving along and we’ve got another quilt under our belt. This one is thanks to Kat and Cat Quilts!


image via Kat & Cat Quilts

For the block, Kat introduced us to a super easy and fun quilt block! It’s basically a square in a square in a square. I love the technique though because it’s a tutorial that you can make bigger or smaller and end up with as many squares as you want.\\


The colors she choose were white, light blue, a darker teally blue, brown, a burgundy reddish color and a green. Each block needed a white, polka dot and a solid. I ended up using some from my stash in a dark teal blueish color!




I just love seeing everyone’s ideas come together from all over the country. I love how close the final colors match her design inspiration colors.


image via Kat & Cat Quilts

The quilting detail is fantastic! I love how she was brave enough to quilt a big spiral on a bunch of squares! And I say brave, because I rarely venture off with my quilting in the opposite direction of what the blocks look like. SO this is going into my mental library to try to think outside of the box (HA! get it!?!) next time I do a boxy quilt pattern!


image via Kat & Cat Quilts

The back is cool too!


image via Kat & Cat Quilts

We have a couple more quilts in the works! I can’t wait to share them with you!