Fresh Linens- My July Tutorial for Go To Sew

I’m totally hooked on making my own pillowcases after making this pair for a swap! They are so easy!!


Be sure to click over to Go To Sew for the full tutorial!


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  1. Where do we click for the tutorial? I would love to make my own pillow cases! What is the best fabric to use?

  2. About 3 years ago, my husband was not working & Christmas was coming. I was determined to have presents for all & made everyone pillowcases. I did a lot of thinking about each person & found the right material for each one! Even those who were married received different material-ed cases. Everyone was pleased & some a bit tickled to see the material I chose. For my grandchildren I made them Christmas pillow cases for that special time. That would have been something I would have wanted as a child. Halloween is next on my list of special days for them.

  3. So cute! Where can I find the tutorial?


  1. […] I made the pillowcases. Remember these? You can get the whole French seam pillowcase tutorial […]

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