KCW- New Overalls

In a way I wasn’t as productive this season. In the sense that I didn’t get 5 to 7 garments made. But in the sense that I designed a pair of overalls for my friends son and got the practice pair made, I was successful!


I was supposed to do this last season of KCW. But I procrastinated… These are supposed to be for my friends son’s adoption and there’s nothing like a deadline to get me to finish something! So I’m cramming now!


I made the pattern. I got a pair of 18 month overalls as a starting point and then created my own pattern. Then I tried to make it! And realized I had forgotten a few pattern pieces here and there and made those on the fly. And of course the pattern wasn’t perfect the first time around, so there was some tweaking!


This is my ‘muslin’ pair. I was actually out of muslin and had this huge duvet cover that I had bought for fabric at Goodwill some time ago. And it ended up being perfect with the two coordinating fabrics!


I added a couple of pockets here and there….


With this pair I didn’t do all the topstitching I typically would. Just trying it out! And there were a pieces places I forgot to do something and added later, so you see extra stitching…


Here’s full back view! I wanted the waistband to come all the way around to the back. Technically, it doesn’t really do anything since I added the elastic waist. But I like it and I’m going to keep it!

So now I’m about to make the ‘real’ version to mail out tomorrow! And I’m crossing my fingers it fits! I don’t have an 18 month model at my fingertips!

I’m considering drafting this in multiple sizes and listing it for sale. What do you think? Worth the trouble? Would you be interested? It will be my first foray into pattern making…

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  1. Definitely worth the trouble! These are so cute and I would be interested, for sure x

  2. Kathy E. says:

    I think they’re adorable! I just love the side pocket on the bib top with the little flap. It would be so easy to make them “girly” with some ruffles and coordinating fabrics/buttons.

    Your “muslin” sample looks good just as is for a gift!

  3. Adorable, simply adorable is what these are! Love the colors!

  4. I say go for it! These are really cute.

  5. They’re just great, Louise. I say go ahead and draft the pattern (not that I know what that entails at all…) But if nothing else, you’ll learn a ton right?


  1. […] pretty much exactly like the version I did yesterday. I’m still working on the kinks in the pattern and pattern directions. I’m thinking […]

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