Sew Ready to Play Bean Bag Toss with Little Kids Grow

Wow! I can’t believe another week has gone by full of great games! Today I’m so happy to have my friend Shannon from Little Kids Grow! She’s really amazing! I mean, she has six kids and they are all smiling at the same time! She is an excellent seamstress. You’ve got to check out some of the outfits she’s made for her kids like this one for the twins and this great knock off! We’ve had fun getting to know each other over this last year and I look forward to more fun time with Shannon!

Welcome Shannon!

We’re always looking for games that the entire family can play. We love card games like “UNO”, but cards and small game pieces have a tendency to disappear in our house, and we have yet to find a board game that can accommodate our large family AND the age range of 5 to 13. Then I remembered the “Bean Bag Toss” from my childhood, and I knew I’d found my game.

The kids and I brain stormed for awhile to figure out how we could update the game. The bean bags were a “no brainer” because I probably have enough scrap fabric in my stash to create bags for a whole football team, but we couldn’t figure out what to toss the bean bags into. One of their favorite characters is Wow Wow Wubbzy, a yellow, square-shaped, ummm, I’m not quite sure what he is exactly, but we thought it would be fun to create him out of a cardboard box and cut out the eyes and nose to toss the bags through. Bean Bags Fabric Stash


The girls and I made the bean bags out of 5″ x 5″ squares of fabric and black-eyed peas. With the right sides of the fabric facing, I sewed around three sides of the square, leaving one side open. Then we filled the bags half way with the peas and double folded the ends over and sewed them shut. Nothing fancy, just something to keep the peas from falling out.

Bean Bag Toss 5 x 5 squares black eyed peas

Bean Bag toss stacks

While we were working on the bags, the boys cut out a piece of poster board to match the width and length of the bottom of the cardboard box. We covered the poster board with a yellow polyester satin fabric that I had in my stash. I drew the eyes and nose and my oldest drew the mouth out of poster board and colored it. Once the eyes and nose were cut out of the covered poster board, we attached the poster board to the bottom of the box, traced the holes and cut them out. Finally, we attached the mouth.

Bean Bag Toss Wow Wow WubbzyThis was a great group project for our family. The kids are excited about playing with something that they made with their own hands, and I’m so proud of their creativity and team work.

Bean Bag toss throw trioThank you, Louise, for the opportunity to share our project.


  1. This seems easy enough but very fun! Shannon s kiddo’s are so adorable!


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