Sew Fab Sale- My (non-girlie) Faves!

When I got notified of this second Sew Fab sale, I knew I wanted to be a part of it! But then I started thinking is it worth it? Or is it all kinda girlie????


I had to make sure spending the $29.95 was worth the price and that I wasn’t just spending the money just because it’s an amazing deal! Are you like me? Sometimes, it’s just such a good deal you buy it without thinking about whether or not you’ll really use it… So I sat down and looked at each pattern to decide if it made sense for me to spend the $29.95 on a pattern bundle that I might or might not use…

I went through each and every pattern and debated, would I make it or not… And nothing against the girlie patterns, but since I rarely sew for girls, I took the dresses (and a couple of others) out of the equation… So just looking at the other patterns, out of the 26 patterns, I was still left with 13  patterns that I want to make right away. Just these patterns on their own would be 111.00! That’s half of the patterns for over 100 bucks! WOW!


I’ve been meaning to make a hoodie pattern, but now I’ve got this fun reversible one from Kitschy Coo Patterns.


so what do you thnk about the harem pants? Yes? No? I’ve typically thought no… But the more I look at them, the more comfy they seem to be getting! I want to give them a try and let my son decide what he thinks! I’m actually kinda excited to make this harem pant pattern from Too Sweet Patterns.


Then there’s the notebook slipcover. I don’t know if I’d use it soon, since I don’t have notebooks. But this would be great gift for a lot of kids and teachers! And since my son will be starting school, as will his friends….  This Notebook Slipcover from Gingercake will make for some great gifts!


These Fancy Pants leggings from Titchy Threads are hilarious! I love the back where you can add some fun details! And that you can make them short for maybe some little guy boxer shorts.


The Vintage V-neck by Blank Slate Patterns is just a great staple to have on the shelf!


The Greenpoint Cardigan by Hey June is one I’ve been eyeing… It’s another one that can go girl or boy! Living in Seattle, we have tons of weather that needs a sweater, but not really a big coat, so this could quickly become a staple!


I recently got my son some skinny jeans and they seem to transform him from a little kid into a little boy! I don’t know what it is, maybe they make him look taller or something??? Anyway, I can’t wait to try this Skinny Jeans pattern from Peek a Boo Patterns!


I love the PJ Eating Monster pattern from Sew Fearless! We have a friend that LOVES monsters, so I know who might be getting one of these for his next birthday!


There’s one pattern that I want to try for me! The Go To Cape from Go To Patterns! what do you think? Would this make a fun raincoat?

car mat

Want to know which pattern I’ll probably make first? This traveling Billy Car Mat by Handmade Therapy. All of a sudden my son has gotten really excited about his hot wheels. And a lot of the time we leave the house with handfuls of cars! This might make it just a little bit easier to lave the house!


Another project that I love for me, but think would be a great gift idea is the Fold Over Clutch by LBJ Studio.


And I’ve always wanted to try to make the kiddo undies out of knit scraps. Now I can with the Undies Pattern from From The Red Kitchen!


Lastly, I love that I have this pattern for the button up shirt! Lately my son keeps picking his button up shirts out of his closet! I can’t wait to try the Sis Boom Ethan Boys’s Button-Up shirt from Scientific Seamstress.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I love the more girlie patterns too. And it’s not to say I won’t make them! There are actually a few dresses that I want to make, I just need to find the right friend to make one for!

But I wanted to showcase the patterns I know I’m going to try and I hope to try them soon! If I hadn’t just thrown my son a super hero party and have a line of dragon wings waiting to be sewn, I’d have already started!

And can you believe that all those patterns would be over hundred dollars, but that you can get all these, plus 13 more, for only $29.95!?!

Have you bought the bundle yet? Which pattern are you going to try first?

*Patterns included in the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle are intended for personal use only. The selling of patterns without designer’s permission is prohibited and punishable by law. Please contact individual designers for licensing requirements if you desire to create and sell clothing from patterns that have been purchased through this sale.

**For answers concerning sale terms and customer service questions, please see the FAQ page.

***”This post contains affiliate links.  When you purchase the Sew Fab Bundle through those links I earn a percentage of the sale.  Thank you so much for supporting the Sew Fab Sale! “

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