The More Girlie Side of the Sew Fab e-Pattern Sale

Ok, so the other day I showed you my non-girlie favorites that I’d be more likely to sew. But like I said, that doesn’t mean I don’t love all the girlie patterns either! They are fantastic, too! So I have to show those as well….

But QUICK! Buy ASAP, because the ale only lasts through October 8th (tomorrow) at 8AM EST.


So here we go…. Let’s get our girlie on!

ruffle dress

And we might as well start with ruffles, huh? SInce we’re talking girlie here! How cute is the Ruffle Dress from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff!


And where is that class for upsizing patterns?? Can I upsize a pattern from kid to adults??? I want this nightgown just for me! Doesn’t the Sadie Grace Nightgown from Seamingly Smitten look soooo comfy??? And it looks simple to make as well!


There have been a few other bloggers who have made this BIMAA cowl neck sweater from Lou Bee Clothing and their little girls look so fashionable! Too fancy!


And actually, there’s a hoodie version that can go both girlie or not! I think I want to try this one too!

carosuel dress

The Candy Carousel Dress from Molly Blossom Design is adorable! I also love her sketches of the doll modeling the dress! This is a another full on girlie girl dress for that special someone you might sew for!

owl backpack

So I don’t know why I didn’t feature this one the other day! But, the Owl Back Pack from The Sewing Loft, can be girlie if you want it to be. Or it can be very masculine. All depending on the fabric!


So if you put your kiddo in the adorable Junebug Dress from CINOshop she won’t be able to help being just as cute Jessica’s little lady! I’ve loved this dress since I first saw it on Jessica’s blog. I’m super excited to have it, even though I don’t know when I’ll make it!


The Ananda Pants from Chopstix Patterns is my friend Jenny’s first ‘for sale’ pattern design and it’s another one that I want in my side! And it says it’s for girls, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be for boys, too!


And back to totally girlie and very cute! The ZERMATT bow swing coat from See Kate Sew. Nothing says girlie like a nice big bow! Adorable!


The Tumble Tee from Imaginegnats is another cute girlie pattern. It’s not totally girlie, but has just enough design details that keep it in the girlie realm. I debated about this being on of the patterns that go either way, but I think it’s much closer to girlie than boy…


This cute quilt, the Gathers and Giggles quilt from Sew Much Ado, looks like another fun project. I’m not very good as selling girlie, since I keep realized that everything (almost) can be turned boy-ish as I wirte this! Like for instatance… This quilt! depending on the fabric, either way!


The NITUNA JACKET from Figgy’s Pattern is another cute one that I’m glad to have. It looks comfy, yet again!

colorblocktee sally%20dress%205%20(2)

And last but not least is the Sally Dress from Very Shannon !I love this dress! Our neighbor friend asked me when I was going to make her a dress… It might just be this one!

And can you believe that all those patterns would be over hundred dollars, but that you can get all these, plus 13 more, for only $29.95!?!

Have you bought the bundle yet? Who do you sew more for? a girlie? or a little boy kiddo??

*Patterns included in the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle are intended for personal use only. The selling of patterns without designer’s permission is prohibited and punishable by law. Please contact individual designers for licensing requirements if you desire to create and sell clothing from patterns that have been purchased through this sale.

**For answers concerning sale terms and customer service questions, please see the FAQ page.

***”This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase the Sew Fab Bundle through those links I earn a percentage of the sale. Thank you so much for supporting the Sew Fab Sale! “

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