Ardin’s Monster! Another Kid Designed, Momma Made Project

Since it’s Halloween and all, I thought another Monster project was in order!


This one is another one of my Kid Designed, Momma Made projects. My son has a friend who loves to draw! And he loves to draw monsters! Maybe I should say LOVES to draw MONSTERS! Then it was his birthday and we debated and debated what to get him. Finally we (the kiddo and I) decided to make him a monster from one of his drawings.


I asked his mom to send me a picture of one of his favorite monster drawings and this is what she sent!


And this is what I made! It took me a while to really think about how I was going to get all the pieces to come together. But I finally got it!


One of our trips to the fabric store I found this remnant of this fur. It was perfect! The right color and the right size! I cut out the body pieces first. For the yellow circles on his back I used buttons. I don’t know if this was the best option or not. I debate if I should have used a felt or not. But I like the change in texture… And then I did an applique stitch for the blue lines on his back.


I loved the toe details in the drawing, so I knew I couldn’t leave that out! I made the body, the tail and the legs and sew-ed all those pieces together.


Then I made the antlers! I tired to do them a couple of different ways. I sewed fabric together, but then couldn’t really stuff it very well since the pieces were pretty small. So I threw that away… Finally I realized I just happened to have felt, and in the perfect color, I might add…. And I had pipe cleaners! I cut out the antlers, situated all the pipe cleaners and pinned. Then I just sewed around the edge. Lovely!


The face was pretty simple, a little applique here and a little reverse applique for the mouth.


My son loved him and was super excited to give him to his buddy! I always get a little nervous when we give kids handmade gifts. Sometimes it’s hard to complete with all the fancy toys they are also getting. But when Ardin opened this one, he jumped up and down and even let out a little squeal! While he was showing it to his mom he was so excited and said, ‘Mom!! Mom!! It’s the monster I drew! The monster in my room!’ To see his face light up and for him to recognize right away where the design came from….. Awesome!


  1. OMG, now this is by far the cutest thing you have ever made! (but I say that about EVERYTHING you make, just cause you are awesome) But, this little Monster made from a drawing rocks! He is so cool….I want one now and I did not even draw him! LOL Amazing is what this is! I LOVE crafty people! 🙂

  2. I love that you used pipe cleaners to fill! This is the cutest idea and it came out awesome. I bet it was the favorite gift at the birthday!

  3. That is one of the most awesome ideas! And, I just love him too! Going to have to remember this one. Kaye x

  4. kleine kleinigkeiten says:


  5. So beautiful! You must have felt so good when he recognized it. Great idea and way to make a little one’s day, Louise!

  6. You are so incredibly creative! This is beyond what I would’ve ever thought to make my kids when they were little! I have the “Grandmother itch” going on right now, so I’ll pin this idea to make when the time comes! Thanks so much!

  7. What a lovely drawing! And beautiful fabric result! Made some of theese my self, inspired by the childrens drawings! It is so much fun!

  8. Soooo creative! And such a fun gift. Fabulous!


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