Our do Good Stitches July Quilt

Yes, the July quilt!


And yes, I know it’s November! It’s been done and wasn’t too far behind schedule! It’s just taken me a bit to get it photographed and put up on the blog….


Remember the ‘Low Volume with Bright Contrast Crosses Postage Stamp Quilt block’ I showed you a while back? Well, this is it done with all the blocks from all of our group members! I asked everyone to use low volume blocks for the back ground and bright colors for 3 to 5 crosses in each block. I love how the bright colors just pop!


Once I got all the blocks, there were all just a tad different sizes. So I got scared. I couldn’t figure out how I was going to put it together. One thought I had was to add fabric pieces between the blocks. But I didn’t like that idea either. So I sat on the pieces for too long. THen one day I pulled them out again and moved the blocks around until they all fit! Yea! It was like a puzzle. They just had to be rotated this way and that and then they fit! I got so frustrated with myself for being scared of it!


For the back I switched the color scheme!


A bright back ground and a low volume cross!

Quilting done. Binding on. Now to finish the binding. Debating by hand or machine???? #dogoodstitches #nurturecircle


Another debate I had was the binding. Low Volume or Bright? Then I found a low volume grey fabric with white stripes and pops of bright! I think it works perfectly!


We’ll have a couple more quilts to show before we break for the holidays! Have you been working on anything besides Halloween over the last couple of weeks?


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