Melted Bead Necklaces- a Mini Tutorial

We haven’t done a melted bead project in a while, then I had an idea!


The projects we had done in the past were kinda big. My new idea was to make it small!


So the next time we were at the craft store we found some 1 inch necklace charms and the smallest plastic beads we could find. The charm has sides on it to hold the plastic in. I wanted even smaller beads, but the smaller ones were all glass. So I got the smallest ones they had.


So we started designing… We poured the bag of beads out on the cookie sheet. Since it has sides, it kept the beads confined and then it was easy to pick them up and the charms went in the over right on the cookie sheet.


Max tried a few different colors …


And ended up with a nice bright colorful charm.


After the design was complete I loved mine too.


Until it melted… It’s still pretty, but using the clear beads wasn’t the best idea! We cooked them like we did the other bead projects, in oven. But this time, since the beads were smaller, I took the heat down a bit to around 350 and cooked them about 15 minutes.


This was a super nice and quick project! A cute one of the kiddos to do for Christmas presents! We’ve gotten more charms, so we need to get on to making more!

Have you seen even tinier plastic beads anywhere? what design are you thinking about? I’m thinking an ombre would be nice too!

Disclaimer: I am not a scientist. I have never used a gas oven or a grille for this project! I have only made these as I described above and don’t really know what other temperatures or times will work on your oven. Please be safe and do not cook around children!Please see blog disclaimer below!

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  1. kleine kleinigkeiten says:


  2. love this! what craft store had the pendants?

  3. Very nice. Great project for kids!

  4. That’s so clever! Definitely adding this one to my to-make list!


  5. What a great way to make a necklace! Love it! I made a little heart necklace from a small metal heart cookie cutter and melted all red pony beads in the cookie cutter. Once cooled, I just drilled a really small hole at the top and added a loop so my necklace could slide on it. It’s beautiful! I would have never thought of using a metal necklace charm though, but I love how yours turned out! Keep the great ideas coming!

    • That’s a good idea too! Sounds fun! It didn’t melt out under the cookie cutter?

      • No, it did not melt out of the cookie cutter! The one little red heart that I made is so cute and when I made my necklace, I also attached a little metal “key” to it too – – kinda like “the key to my heart”. Check out my melted pony bead hearts that I made on my blog (have to look it up) and you can see that I made those too from a larger heart cookie cutter. I have those hanging in my kitchen window to catch the morning sun. They are beautiful!

  6. What a great idea! Would never have thought of something like this!

  7. Very cute. Never would have thought to use the charm. Great idea. I’d love it if you linked up with our weekly link up party and shared!

  8. Ann Marie says:

    I found really small beads at dollar tree but have not used them yet. Was going to post a picture but couldn’t figure out how to.


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