Fabric Gift Bag Tutorial

Have you wrapped all your gifts yet? I’m about to get back to it! We just got back from a fabulous vacation to Palm Springs!! So I need to get back to wrapping.

aGiftBag-Main-ImFeelinCraftyI try to use as little paper as possible. About three years ago I posted a tutorial for fabric gift bags and each year I make a few more, but for the most part I just pull the bags out of the box and the presents are wrapped! My son and I were wrapping the other day and I looked over and he had his head in the box and bags were flying all over while he was looking for the right size bag! Too funny!


Since I love these so much, I thought I’d update my tutorial for ya!


Step 1: Gather your materials, Fabric, ribbon, a cutting device and the present.



Step 2: Measure for the right size bag.  For the length, I measure about half the width of the present on the bottom and about half the width of the present on the top plus about 3 inches on top. Then I wrap the fabric around the present for the right width. Honestly, I’m not real exact when it comes to measuring mostly because who knows what will be in the package next year!


Step 3: Cut!


Step 4: Sew the top, fabric right sides together. Iron flat the top seam.

aGiftBag-Step5-ImFeelinCrafty copy

Step 5: Fold the bag so that right sides are together. Right side of lining to right side of lining and right side of outside fabric to right side of outside fabric. Leave a hole in the lining seam.


Step 6: Rotate the fabric so that the seam is centered on one side of the bag. Sew the bottoms of both the inside and outside fabric. (bag is still inside out)



Step 7: This step isn’t required, but I like it. Sew the corners. Pinch the bottom corners to create triangles. The side fold and the bottom seam should be aligned. Sew across the corners and trim.


Step 8: Pull bag through the hole.


Step 9: Sew the hole closed.


Step 10: Turn the bag inside itself, iron the top edge and topstitch.


Step 11: Add the ribbon. I stitch the ribbon on for 2 reasons. 1. Next time I or whoever else uses the bag won’t have to look for ribbon. And 2. It makes it easier to keep the bow in place! Tack it down about 3 inches from the top at the seam on the back.


And there, a reusable gift bag!


Our tree is full of these little guys!


I hope you can make a few to put under your tree a well. Get rid of a little bit of paper each year!


  1. Nice bags! I make them too, but mine have “wandered off” so I need to make some more.

  2. Bless you for the tutorial! I love this idea and am convinced this is the way to go from now on. I saw a pattern that one designer was selling for $9.00 for same thing you are offering…a lined gift bag. Personally, I like yours better… plus it’s free! I’ll be keeping my eye open for Christmas fabrics in the remnant bins now! Thanks again.

  3. Nice! On my agenda today is to make more bags and wrap!

  4. Sarah Helene says:

    LOVE THE holiday polka dots & striped fabric you selected for your GIFT BAGS., which is a GREEN IDEA, to reuse and NOT waste any paper gift wrappings & ribbons. Two years ago I bought cotton holiday motif fabrics discounted at JoAnn’s to sew about 15 smaller GIFT BAGS. I never sewed them. This project goes to the TOP of my ” SEWING TO DO LIST” because you provided a FAB tutorial here. I plan to look at Michael’s for sales on the thin satin ribbon spools. THANKS for the incentive… to renew my ambition for summer sewing projects. NOTE: At craft HOLIDAY BOUTIQUES I’ve seen many lovely gift bags for sale. One woman sewed 330, many with metallic threads & some with glitter. She told me they sold over 100 immediately, usually customers purchasing 10 or even 20. Her prices were really reasonable. She also said a few friends met during summer to help her with cutting the fabrics & adding the ribbons, but she did all the sewing. Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

    • I wonder how much they were selling them for? Maybe I should look into it!! 🙂 We do still wrap Santa’s presents in paper, because it is fun for the kiddo to tear open some paper wrapped presents. But it is nice to look at our tiny pile of trash compared to years past!

  5. Gorgeous bags

  6. Nice bags! I really like them. thanks for sharing.

  7. I loved these so much I pinned them to Pinterest! It’s funny, but not really, how you made some adorable fabric gift bags and I just recently did a blog post on how to make gift bags too from your wrapping paper scraps! Great minds think alike! (but I like your bags much better) If I got a homemade gift bag, I would totally hold onto it and treasure it forever!


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