Happy New Year!

I hope yall all had a wonderful New Years Eve! We have a tradition of always going to Tacoma’s zoo and seeing the zoolights, so that’s what we did! Do you have a favorite NYE tradition???


I thought I’d welcome in 2014 with a look back at my favorite projects from 2013! I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs and it seems like I’m not the only one that gets into a mood thinking that I didn’t create too much… But once you sit and look at your whole blog from the past year, I’m reminded that I made A LOT! Yeah!

And my favorites are….

The crazy colorful outfit the kiddo and I made in January for the Project Run and Play Sew Along.

The I Love You Jacket I made for the kiddo in February.

The Super Hero Cape t-shirt tutorial (you’ll see a superhero theme throughout this year!) I made for the kiddo and Go To Sew in March!

One of my all time favorite projects was the Fox Skirt in April (for my friend April’s daughter!).

The wonky star quilt I made, with the help of my Nurture Circle, in May.

The low volume, ‘Lone Star’ pillowcase I made for a swap partner in June.

The little overalls I designed for a friend’s son adoption in July.

I really loved how this needle book turned out that I made for another swap in August.

The Flash costume in September! I didn’t blog about it until October, but technically I made it in September….

And the Hulk Costume in October!

The kiddo and I really loved our melted bead necklaces we made in November.

And last but not least, I loved our Jack and Jill pj’s I made in December!

What was your favorite project that you made last year??? Or do you have a favorite that I made? I’d love to hear about it!!


  1. I love your little model, and the Hulk costume! Happy New Year!

  2. Kristi Andres says:

    So funny I was checking out your blog from the PR&P site (they forgot to put your link, though) and was clicking around checking things out, saw the Jack and Jill jammies and suddenly went… “hey those are my boys in the jack and jill shirt!” Somehow didn’t make the connection that you were one of the testers. So fun… and you’re in WA… can’t remember if I made that connection when we tested or not (I’m in Ferndale, up by the border). Good luck on PR&P. It’s so fun. I’ve sewn along lots, but I think this year I’m just going to enjoy watching!

    • Ha! Hope you don’t mind your boys on my site! I took the pics from Shannon’s blog, so I hope it’s ok! Yes, we did connect! And that was me that forgot a link to my own blog! AH! 🙂 Well, hopefully you’ll enjoy watching my projects and vote for me! 🙂 I’m in love with my second look, so I hope I make it to week 2!


  1. […] tradition a couple of years ago looking back at my favorite posts from each month! You can see 2013 and 2012…. I love just seeing how the kiddo has changed […]

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