2013 Quilts

I’ve been locked in my sewing room for the last few days and haven’t even broken out my computer in days! I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on! But in the meantime…


My 2013 quilts! I wasn’t going to do a post on this, but then I liked them all and wanted to see them all in one place, so I did! (from left to right by row)

Starting with the wonky star quilt I made, with the help of my Nurture Circle. This one is about 4×6 feet.

My Kaleidoscope mini/doll quilt that I made for a swap partner. This mini was about 18×18 inches

My second quilt made with the help of the Nurture Circle quilting bee. This one is about 4×6 feet.

I think, besides the Wonky Star quilt, my favorite one this year! The Green Eileen Chop Challenge quilt which is another one about 4×6 feet.

Another mini for a swap partner that looks like a shooting star to me! I think this mini was about 12×18 inches.

And the second quilt for the Green Eileen Chop Challenge quilt that was about 2×2 feet.

The pinwheel quilt for the my son’s preschool was a big hit at the auction! This one was about 3×3 feet.

And the last two are both commissioned 3×3 feet baby quilts. The first was a sweet one little giraffe one, where I picked up my doodling stitching again. And the second one was my first quilt using letters!

And secretly, I did finish two others, but I haven’t photographed them yet… So that’s 11 this year! Can I make 14 in 2014? I think I can!

I also need to go through the blog and update all my links to tutorials, etc… So some blog cleaning is in the works. While I’m doing this, I want to put together a collage of every project I made last year! I’m kinda excited about it! More to come!