The Last Post About 2013!

I promise! But I had to do it!

EverythingIMadein2013 copy

It’s everything I made (and blogged about) in 2013! There are a few things that I made, but I haven’t shown you yet, so they will make the 2014 collage! WOW! And no, I’m not including links back to each project this time! That’s 82 projects (and a lot of them I made multiples of!)

As I was going through and updating all my tutorial lists I started saving pictures of each project. Then I knew I had to make a collage! And all the tutorial pages, Sewing Tutorials, Crafty Tutorials, Go To Sew Tutorials (which I’ll be bring home some more of those soon) and the Sew Ready to Play Tutorials should be all up to date now! If you see something with a bad link or a tutorial that doesn’t’ have a button, please let me know!

I’m about to set off to photograph some things to share and to finish packing up Christmas decorations. And then I’ll be ready to start off 2014 back on my almost regular schedule with a bunch of new projects! And Project Run and Play! Yea!

Happy New Year and best wishes for another productive year!