What Does the ‘Arctic’ Fox Say?- Project Run and Play Week 1

Just in case you want to Vote (for me (hint hint)) now (please), click here! But don’t forget to come back and read all about my outfit!

I can’t believe that our season of Project Run And Play has started! I’ve been nervous for the last couple of days waiting to see what the competition is bring on!!! This week’s theme is Winter Wonderland! My thought process=Winter Wonderland=Winter=Snow=White=Fur=Arctic Fox!  When you think Winter Wonderland, does your thought process end with Arctic Fox, too??


I was brainstorming and that’s where my mind went, to a cute little arctic fox that I’d seen on a drive to Alaska back in my more adventurous days!


image via true-wildlife

The arctic fox inspired my color and fabric choices. My first plans were for an all white outfit. But I sew for the boy. And all white on a 5 year old boy who lives in the wet, wet Seattle climate and likes to jump in puddles just didn’t seem too ‘practical.’ So I started bringing back in the grey accents from the fox! And…. We decided all white was a little too girly for the boy!

Coat-Main-PRP-WW-ImFeelinCrafty copy



Starting with the main piece of the outifit, the coat. I wanted to bring my quilting into the outfit which I did in the coat, by quilting the outside of the coat and hood with a layer of nylon and a layer of fleece. Most of the quilting I do, is meant to not be perfectly aligned, but this time it was different! I wanted each of my lines to be perfectly straight and line up at the seams. And to maybe, just maybe, have the quilting lines of the sleeves align with the body… I rarely even try this with striped fabric. Ok, I’ve never actually attempted this. When I put the pieces together and it did align… If only I had a picture of the smile on my face and a video of the happy dance!


See? I was super excited about this, but somehow forgot to take great pictures of it. So you might have to zoom in a bit!


Then comes the greys. A light gray fur aligning the zipper and wrapping around the hoodie and a light grey knit for the cuffs and waist band. I have never done a hoodie with two pieces that need to line up with the front two pieces of the jacket, either. Again, I was giddy when they aligned like they were supposed to!




And lastly, the dark grey interior of the coat. Originally I was going to use the light grey fur that I used as the accent on the front, but then switched gears to this darker fluffly fleece that I’ve been holding onto for about 9 or so years. seriously. And I almost just purged it not long ago. Thank goodness I held onto it, because I think it was a great decision to move to the darker. And yes, it’s fully lined and can be reversible!


I have a habit of planning and planning and not sewing til too late. Well, this outfit I planned and planned, but switching the lining fabric wasn’t my only change! Originally I had done a different pocket. Using my accent teal color. Again, you don’t know how excited I was about these pockets! I used a quilting tutorial meant for my do. Good Stitches quilting bee to get the nice circle. (and you can see the stitch lines aligning at the seam again!)


But then the next morning my husband said, ‘The coat looks great! But…. The pockets?’ My smile was wiped right off my face! But he was right. A little girlie… And yes, he was very supportive in saying that the pockets were ‘fantastic… on a girls coat, but you’re not designing a girls coat….’ Yes. And I took them apart and I grumbled. That is until I got the final pockets on! Lined on the inside with the soft light knit with the touch of the soft darker fleece on the outside!




Besides the coat, my favorite part is the fox shirt! If you follow along on my blog, you know that I am going through an origami inspired animal pahse, so I wanted to bring that into the outfit as well. Using coordinating knits with the coat, I designed the tee in a variety of greys and then stenciled my fox design on the shirt using a freezer paper stencil. I wanted to bring in all the shades of grey. The light sleeves and side accent, the middle tone on the front and back and the darkest grey at the neckline. I was stoked with how the sides turned out, but even more excited about my arctic fox stencil!




Then came the pants, a cute little pair of grey skinny jeans with a tiny bit of the teal accent color to coordinate with the fox stencil eyes!


And I had to make a couple of accents, the mask and the funky hat! When I came up with the inspiration and the design, I knew I had to have at least the main picture include the arctic fox mask. It was mostly for fun, obviously not for keeping warm and dry!



Hat-Coat-PRP-WW-ImFeelinCrafty copy

But the crazy hat, is a full on piece of the outfit! The kiddo wanted the ears on the coat and I didn’t. Although my outfit is totally inspired by an animal, I didn’t want it to be cartoony. And I felt like the ears would make it cartoony. So with the husband as the negotiator, the kiddo and I compromised with a silly arctic fox with a Mohawk warm furry hat to coordinate with the rest of the pieces! And I promised to add the ears! I love how when he wears the hat with the coat, it flows together and almost looks like one piece! Again, I used the same fleece and fur from the coat.


And that’s Look 1! My Arctic Fox in the Winter Wonderland of Project Run and Play! I do hope you like it and I’m crossing my fingers you VOTE FOR ME. One, because I love my outfit. And two, because my project for next week is hilarious and I can’t wait to show it!


  1. What a great outfit! Love the fur and all the different grays. And the details! Nice!!

  2. Awesome jacket!!! I love the tee also – my kids would flip if I made that.

  3. WOW. Just wow! This is such a great outfit!! Every piece is so great and coordinates so well, yet can be worn so well on it’s own. I love the fun hat and mask 🙂 I know you must be SO proud of this outfit! I was proud for you, just reading about it 😉

  4. That is a great outfit! I love how you translated your inspiration, the fur, the details, the mask… The fox face on the shirt is awesome!

  5. My son would LOVE this outfit. I love that you thought about the winter fox and how it’s colors change. Great job!

  6. perfect theme louis.
    ting ting ting ting ting….
    love that fox tee.
    my boys need these hand me downs!! 🙂

  7. So cool. I love the fox stencil on the shirt. It is so cool without trying too hard. I love how you mixed the different shades of gray together very lovely.

  8. So cool!!

  9. That fox stencil is really great, incorporating both geometric patterns (very trendy) and foxes (very cute)! And your colour palette is beautiful. So many lovely details in the clothes.

  10. The color palette is perfect! I really want that coat for me too….such a great job!

  11. I love this outfit! Beautiful, those different shades of gray. And the fox print is fabulous. I voted for you!

  12. What a great outfit. I absolutely adore the fox stencil. Awesome!

  13. Nice work, Louise {and great job on your seam matching}!! The changing colors of the arctic fox was a nice twist….

  14. This outfit is amazing Louise – as the sewing mum of a 5 year old boy as well, I’m always on the look out for modern, wearable and fun sewing for boys and you have nailed it!! Well done

  15. This is a great outfit! I’m here from PRP

  16. This outfit is completely AMAZING!! (I voted for you 😉 I love every single thing and I can’t say that happens too often when I view an entire outfit. This is the best & I love that you designed for boys because we don’t usually see that many in PR&P-great job! I hope you’ll do a tutorial on that shirt 😉

  17. I LOVE your origami fox design! It’s so modern and cool for the modern little boy. The pants are perfect and the reversible coat is genius!

  18. That fox design on the tee is so cool! I love all of your details–what a great outfit.

  19. You are amazing! Serioulsy, holy cow!

  20. What a great outfit! I’m really loving the reversible jacket…genius!

  21. I’m so impressed with that coat, fully lined and reversible! It looks very soft and comfortable.

  22. I think you’ve done a fabulous job. I love the colors and it really did hit that “Wonderland” theme. You definitely held your own in that group of contenders. Everyone’s was fabulous, including yours. Thanks for helping make this season fun to follow!

  23. I love, love, love this outfit. So cute and so original. Don’t be discouraged by the voting on PR&P – boy clothes always get less votes. Hopefully the judges will set things right. I’ve voted for you.

    • I’m crossing my fingers for the judges votes! I guess that’s why you don’t see a bunch of boys clothes….I thought about sewing for a friends daughter, but I want to sew for my own kid! 🙂 So I’m sticking with it! Thank you so much for your thoughts and vote!

  24. You did a beautiful job! Like many of the others…I love the coat 😀 And, your son is adorable modeling this outfit! Can’t wait to see what you have for next week!


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