The Good, the bad and the ugly- Project Run and Play Week 2

First, off, thank you thank you thank you to everyone that voted for me last week. Unfortunately, I was the one to be voted off the island first! The competition was fierce! Fantastic ladies with amazing outfits! And the competition was fierce on an emotional level for me, which surprised me. But that doesn’t mean I’m not playing along still! So let’s get right to it!

TheGood-Main-ImFeelinCraftyIt’s Movie Week at Project Run and Play! And I chose to make a cowboy look based on Clint Eastwood’s character in The Good The Bad and The Ugly!


We were headed to Palm Springs before Christmas, so I wanted to do an outfit that would work with the awesome Mid Century Modern architecture. But I just couldn’t figure out which movie to use. I was stuck. Then my husband suggested a western movie. Then somehow I found this movie. It’s not a kid’s movie by any means. But I know one kid that had a great time acting like a very serious cowboy…. I won’t name any names!


This is where I should probably warn you that this post is very heavy on the photos. It was super hard to edit them down. Changing from an in city photoshoot idea to the desert photoshoot was a great idea! We had such a fun time!


For the shirt I started with my new online ‘BFF’s’ pattern, the ‘Jack and Jill Colorblock Shirt.’ Since I had just made it the week before I made this one, it was fresh on my mind. I changed it out to be a slimmer fit on the kiddo and changed the pocket to a more traditional pocket. The biggest change I made was the sleeve cuffs.


For the sleeves, I taught myself how to do a traditional dress shirt cuff. I just happened to have a men’s shirt that I could cut apart. SO I did that and added it into this shirt. It’s probably a good thing I am not ‘competing’ anymore, because I didn’t get a great shot of this detail. I was so proud of it, too! So I’m not sure how it slipped my mind to photograph this detail… ergh…


I love the vest! For these pictures I left the vest, just like in the movie with just a leather tie holding it together, but I’ll add a closure detail so it’s easier to put on and off! While I was designing and gathering fabric I bought a couple of different ‘leather like’ fabrics, but they just weren’t right….


Then I remembered this old coat I had that I’d been saving to make a vest for the kiddo! Hello!!! So that’s what I did!


I cut it up and used the inside for the outside, then sewed on a Sherpa fabric on the inside. The coat didn’t actually have any large pieces, so I had to then use smaller pieces and piece them together, which ended up looking pretty good. In the movie the vest is a bit more pieced together, but I did want it to be something the kiddo could wear, I liked it better this way, so….


The jeans were fun (I like making the kiddo pants), but I really loved the fun belt details! I used the same coat leather and a little leather paint to change the color and texture a bit. The gun belt and holster were a lot of fun, especially after we decided to use a banana for a gun! I have to say I laughed a lot while I was making this outfit!


And the poncho! I had sent some pictures to my family without the poncho and they all said the outfit was cute and looked like a cowboy, but it wasn’t Clint Eastwood in The Good The Bad and The Ugly without the poncho! And I said, oh… I have the poncho!


Yep, I have the poncho! The funny thing is, if you google the movie you get tons of pictures of Clint in the poncho, but it looks brown. So I had brown felt. Then I watched the movie while I was sewing and realized the poncho is really green. And my husband agreed, that I couldn’t make it brown! So at the last minute, I sent my husband down to the local fabric shop that doesn’t have a lot of selection in felt by the yard. And luckily, they had it! Yea! Then I proceeded to embroider the pattern.


We had such a fun time photographing this outfit on location at Joshua Tree National Park! The kiddo slipped right into character. He was soooooo acting just like a cowboy the whole time!



But I did get a few smiles and a ‘silly’ break!



image via google

Have you seen the movie? I kinda figured not many people had, btu then I found out that it’s a pretty famous movie. But just in case you haven’t seen it, I thought I’d share some pictures I took of it of some of the details I was studying while I was watching the movie! And the main image you see everywhere if you google it, with what looks like a brown poncho…..Β And I’ll admit it here. I totally have a movie star crush on the young Clint… Yep. I do. Seriously.


I only did The Good guy!


Here’s to another week of Project Run and Play! I hope you enjoyed my photo filled post!! And I hope you agree that my kiddo did a pretty good Clint Eastwood impersonation!

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  1. I was so sorry to see you go. I loved your fox outfit. And this one is adorable too!

  2. Oh this is so great. Love the belt, poncho, vest … all of it. great banana gun!!!!

  3. I can almost hear him quoting Clint in these shots! I love your interpretation and it’s the best kind of outfit – works for both dress up and for everyday!

  4. OH man this is amazing!!! I love everything about it! And it looks like you guys had a BLAST with the photo shoot!

  5. Very very fun! I’m so glad you are still participating as I love to see your outfits. Love this one and what a perfect setting for photos! Oh and the banana is the perfect tough! πŸ˜‰

  6. I adore this look!! And that banana! OMG! Perfect picture shoot! You are amazing Louise!

  7. I love it! Great “Clint Eastwood”!

  8. Absolutely love this!
    A great boy look once again.
    And the banana for the gun. I’m cracking up over here.

  9. My daughter is having a little boy on February 6th. Your posted have really made me excited about sewing for him in the future. I have 3 additional granddaughters that I sew for, but now I know that I will love sewing for my new grandson as he grows up. I can just picture a Christmas gift with this outfit in the box. Thanks for showing me how fun it can be sewing for a boy too.

  10. Wow, I LOVE this outfit! I also really liked your Arctic Fox from last week, and was sad to see you go, so I am super pleased to see you continuing to play along! I think the boy outfits have a tougher time in the contest, up against all the frilly girly stuff (which I also love!), but as the mother of three boys I know that it takes extra effort and a good eye to really make boys stand out with a great look, while keeping them “boy.” This Clint Eastwood look is so freaking awesome!

    • It is hard with boys things! Thank you! If you add too much detail it gets girlie… There are less options! But still fun! Thank you!! We had fun with this one too! Like I mentioned before, I think I’ll be scaling down my next two outfits, but I’m still playing along! πŸ™‚

  11. I totally love this. You nailed this challenge. I bet this is an outfit that every little boy would love to have. Haha and I love the loaded banana gun. So cute. Great photo shoot.
    Just for the record, yours was our favorite last week and we were hoping the judges would override the polls. Sadly they didn’t. I’m so glad to see you joining in the sew along this week.
    With Love,
    The Shaffer Sisters

  12. I love the banana too…such a clever mom. This is so perfect for a boy to play in!

  13. Charity G. says:

    I love this outfit! It is perfect. And I love that you chose an adult movie. Such an awesome job.

  14. Sarah Helene says:

    Creative outfit for your young son! AMAZING photo shoot of 20 . . . so many views! I LOVE the “and the good” pose close-up with the banana/ gun!! BRAVO to you, mom and your sewing talent as well as your selection of colors and fabrics! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis, MN

    • Oh, trust me, there were about 200 pictures! I just couldn’t stop. I got what I needed and then he just kept walking around acting like this cool cowboy, so I kept taking them! Thank you!

  15. This is AWESOME!!! He is an adorable cowboy!

  16. I LOVE what you did with that coat!!! The vest is awesome. I’ve never seen the movie, but holy smokes, does anyone else see a bit of Hugh Jackman (as the Wolverine) in young Clint Eastwood?

  17. What fun! Ashley just KNEW you’d do “City Slickers” when you mentioned on IG going on vacation – and we could tell it was warm and sunny :). So glad to see your interpretation of the “Movie Challenge!” You are SO TALENTED, Louise!!

  18. What a great cowboy outfit! You are a fun mom. I’m sorry you got voted out!

  19. Patti Long says:

    This Texas fan thinks Max is a natural… And his Mom is amazingly creative’ (Love that Joe gets in the act… What a trooper!)

  20. Donna King says:

    This was an amazingly innovation creation and before I read a word I thought Clint Eastwood the minute I saw the first picture. I’m sure “the man” himself would have gotten a real chuckle out of seeing himself immortalized in your son’s photos. Thanks for showing us too that we can find the patterns and materials in places we never thought of. Great job!

  21. SOOOO fun!!! that scenery is perfect…. love all the photos… found you on instagram when I hashtaged projectrunandplay… I’m a new follower ;o) Sorry you got our last week… I also linked up this week… a {movie} star dress! ;o) Emily@nap-timecreations

  22. The outfit is awesome! Perfect for an active boy. So sad to see you go, I absolutely loved your fox shirt! I think girl outfits always get more votes. 😦

  23. What an awesome outfit! So spot on and so appropriate for a little kiddo! My vote goes to this outfit for sure!

  24. Love Love Love this outfit! It was done perfectly! And Clint Eastwood was HOT!

  25. What a great look, I really love the vest!

  26. Lois Carson says:

    Hi Weesie, We loved the photos of Max, he is a great little actor and model. His outfit is so cute on him. The banana was a cute idea, You are very talented, Love,Lois

  27. Margaret Beard says:

    Oh my gosh! He is so cute! The outfit is awesome!


  1. […] time sewing for Project Run and Play despite the fact I was voted off the island first! I made this outfit for the kiddo and we had such a fun time doing the photoshoot, that it makes it to my all time […]

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