I’ve Got My Eye on You!

I feel like it’s kinda early to start posting about Valentine’s Day, but since this month is flying by, I realized Valentine’s Day isn’t really that far off!


Not long ago I had an etsy customer ask for a set of my pirate eye patches and a set of heart shaped eye patches. Of course, I said I could do hearts! While I was making them, I knew that there had to be a way to incorporate these into a Valentine’s Day card!


And I did!


The silly card is printed on cardstock and is a flat card with eye patch wrapped around it. And once you remove the eye patch, the other eye is revealed!


I think they are pretty funny myself! And it seems like someone else did too!


You can print them here and make your own eye patches. I sew two pieces of felt together with the elastic sandwiched between the two.



But if Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on you fast and you want someone else to make them for you… I got you covered! You can buy them as

1. an Individual Card with the eye patch and an envelope on my etsy shop here OR as

2. a Set of 10 for classmates with the eye patch and no envelope on my etsy shop here!

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  1. looks sweet

  2. This is really a cute idea! Love it!!

  3. How big is the heart? I love these and want to whip some up for my daughter to share at library with her friends. :). Thanks for the sharing too!

    • The heart is about 2.5 inches squareish! And the elastic is about 16 inches, including the bit inside the heart. Have fun!

      • THANK YOU!! I made 10 of these in under a half hour! I use scraps of sparkly red felt and red fleece on the back. Held them together with quilters wash out tape so no pins! 🙂 Love them and am so excited to share with friends. My 2 year old put hers on and had both eyes squinted saying, “arghh I’m a pirate. Where’s me booty!” Lol

      • Awesome! I’m so excited! I should try your no sew way!

  4. Found you through The CSI Project, love seeing fellow WordPressers! I love this idea, I love that the eyepatch comes off too, so clever! Great work, thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a wonderful idea and thank you for sharing how you made them, Congratulations on winning 2 books on Sew Mama Sew.


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