The ReFashion Project- Project Run and Play Week 3

oh, my… I can’t believe it’s Thursday and I am just getting this posted…


If you follow along with everything I do, I reuse or recycle or whatever you want to call it all the time! I love it! So this week’s Project Run and Play challenge was one I didn’t think would be a challenge. I was wrong. I came up with what I wanted to make first. Maybe I should have found the materials first….


The coat was the only piece I bought. I mean the original coat, that is. It started as a woman’s coat that I found in the Men’s department at our Goodwill! I was going for more of a solid wool coat, but the kiddo and I went shopping and found a handful, or armful, of coats on half price that we liked. So we brought them all home to see which one we liked best. And this is the one the kiddo picked!


For the coat I self drafted the pattern based on other coats and based on the pieces of the coat I wanted to reuse. Some pieces were upside down cuts where others were little pieces from here or there! Once I was putting it all together, there was part of me cursing the fact that I could have just bought a stinkin’ coat for him for a lot less time and energy! But in the end I’m happy with what I accomplished! I love the little elbow patches! The lining is the only piece that’s not a recycled fabric.


The pockets were originally smaller and all three were the corduroy and smaller. I liked it. Then I didn’t. Neither did my husband. (do you see a recurring theme with my husband and I and my pockets??? remember the fox coat pockets?) So off they came. I enlarged them and changed them. I have to give credit to the husband for some help with the pockets this time.


And then the sweater.. I know the picture is a bit blurry, but I loved it anyway…. So I bought the coat, but the rest of the pieces I wanted to come from my stash. Whenever my husband and I clean out our closet, I always pull a few things and add then to my recycle stash. I love the orange! (my apologies on the color scheme to any Bama fans that might be reading…)


The sweater was also self drafted. Just a simple copying of another sweater that fits! Easy Peasy!


And the tee. I knew the look I wanted was to have a collared tee with the sweater and coat. And again I had to corrdinate from my stash. Well, I didn’t HAVE to… But I wanted to… And yes, I know, the tee on it’s own, doesn’t go great with the pants…  just ignore that. The pants are from the fox outfit and I loved them with the coat and sweater…


The tee is the great old standby, The Flashback Tee once again! But I added the collar and the open front. And then the blue shirt that I wanted to use was too short, so I added the grey to the bottom!



The before and afters! I almost forgot! The coat and the corduroy. The corduroy wasn’t something else before, but I did purchase it second hand… The big sweater to little sweater. And the navy tank top, grey t-shirt (not pictured) and the men’s shirt turned t-shirt!


I don’t know. Not my best work, I don’t think… But I like it! Thoughts? I have no idea why that one collar corner keeps popping up! Ha! And since it’s also Kids Clothes Week, can this count as three outfits?


Where are we off to next? Want to come along?

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  1. Love the whole outfit, but the blazer is such a great refashion! Glad you shared!

  2. whaaa what a fun outfit. Each piece is amazing!!! I love this week’s challenge. I also linked up;o) a recycled sweater!

  3. Hey Louise, great job on the outfit! The fact that it’s mostly recycled is pretty darn cool. The coat is my favourite part. I always think of re-fashioning old coats but never do. I have one in my closet right now waiting to be re-made into something awesome. It’s just that I’m scared… Silly eh?

  4. I love it! The jacket, the sweater, the T-shirt… They work so well together!

  5. Very cool that you thrift so many items to make ‘new’ usable ones. You are really clever!

  6. I love this. What a great outfit. The colors are perfect.

  7. That’s a great outfit! He looks so dapper!

  8. Awesome works and handsome kid! You are amazing mom.

  9. Fantastic Job! I Love anything sewn for boys but this is just fantastic!

  10. Really impressive! The jacket is phenomenal! You are very talented.

  11. I always LOVE your work!

  12. Sarah Helene says:

    WOW!!! How stylish — the outfit is sooooooooo COOL for a young boy! Re-using clothes, being GREEN . . . you are AMAZING in all the items you’ve designed and sewn for your handsome son. LOVE the grey herringbone tweed jacket trimmed in corduroy & bright orange V-neck sweater. PHOTO SHOOT is FABULOUS! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

  13. Okay….I was soooooo going to call you out on your color scheme….but then you beat me to it!! Great job, Louise!! So glad to see your interpretation of this challenge….

  14. You are amazing! I can’t even imagine being able to sew like this!

  15. AWW that is really great! Super cute outfit!! I esp love the sweater.

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