2013 Quilts

I’ve been locked in my sewing room for the last few days and haven’t even broken out my computer in days! I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on! But in the meantime…


My 2013 quilts! I wasn’t going to do a post on this, but then I liked them all and wanted to see them all in one place, so I did! (from left to right by row)

Starting with the wonky star quilt I made, with the help of my Nurture Circle. This one is about 4×6 feet.

My Kaleidoscope mini/doll quilt that I made for a swap partner. This mini was about 18×18 inches

My second quilt made with the help of the Nurture Circle quilting bee. This one is about 4×6 feet.

I think, besides the Wonky Star quilt, my favorite one this year! The Green Eileen Chop Challenge quilt which is another one about 4×6 feet.

Another mini for a swap partner that looks like a shooting star to me! I think this mini was about 12×18 inches.

And the second quilt for the Green Eileen Chop Challenge quilt that was about 2×2 feet.

The pinwheel quilt for the my son’s preschool was a big hit at the auction! This one was about 3×3 feet.

And the last two are both commissioned 3×3 feet baby quilts. The first was a sweet one little giraffe one, where I picked up my doodling stitching again. And the second one was my first quilt using letters!

And secretly, I did finish two others, but I haven’t photographed them yet… So that’s 11 this year! Can I make 14 in 2014? I think I can!

I also need to go through the blog and update all my links to tutorials, etc… So some blog cleaning is in the works. While I’m doing this, I want to put together a collage of every project I made last year! I’m kinda excited about it! More to come!

Happy New Year!

I hope yall all had a wonderful New Years Eve! We have a tradition of always going to Tacoma’s zoo and seeing the zoolights, so that’s what we did! Do you have a favorite NYE tradition???


I thought I’d welcome in 2014 with a look back at my favorite projects from 2013! I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs and it seems like I’m not the only one that gets into a mood thinking that I didn’t create too much… But once you sit and look at your whole blog from the past year, I’m reminded that I made A LOT! Yeah!

And my favorites are….

The crazy colorful outfit the kiddo and I made in January for the Project Run and Play Sew Along.

The I Love You Jacket I made for the kiddo in February.

The Super Hero Cape t-shirt tutorial (you’ll see a superhero theme throughout this year!) I made for the kiddo and Go To Sew in March!

One of my all time favorite projects was the Fox Skirt in April (for my friend April’s daughter!).

The wonky star quilt I made, with the help of my Nurture Circle, in May.

The low volume, ‘Lone Star’ pillowcase I made for a swap partner in June.

The little overalls I designed for a friend’s son adoption in July.

I really loved how this needle book turned out that I made for another swap in August.

The Flash costume in September! I didn’t blog about it until October, but technically I made it in September….

And the Hulk Costume in October!

The kiddo and I really loved our melted bead necklaces we made in November.

And last but not least, I loved our Jack and Jill pj’s I made in December!

What was your favorite project that you made last year??? Or do you have a favorite that I made? I’d love to hear about it!!